Job Information Center

Learn about jobs and establishments!

Work as a Job Reporter or visit as a Customer. As a Job Reporter, create a Job Introduction Report and introduce different jobs. As a Customer, you can inquire as to which job or activity suits you best.

Duration 25 mins
Suggested Age 3 - 15 years old
Industry Partner's Site 株式会社リクルート

What You Can Do

Job Reporter

Create a Job Introduction Report that conveys the best points of the jobs and activities you have experienced! The report you create will be displayed so other kids can use it to find the job they are looking for!

*Job Introduction Reports cannot be created for some jobs and activities. Please ask the staff for details.

  • Create Job Introduction Reports that are shown on the job introduction board.


What job or activity would suit you best? Learn the basic information about available jobs by checking Job Introduction Reports and then get a job diagnosis by using the digital kiosk to narrow down the options according to your personality type!

  • Freely check information about jobs and activities.

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