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Work, Play,
and Learn through real-world experiences!

  • Welcome to KidZania!
    Let's take a tour of the city!

    Experiences at KidZania are called "Activities". What are you interested in?

  • WorkFirst, work at any job that catches your interest!

    KidZania's exclusive currency is "kidZos". What will you do with the kidZos you earn?

  • PlayExperience a wide variety of services!

    Get a driver's license, rent a car... It's all up to you!

  • Lots of events are going on all day long!

    There is always something happening in the city!
    Take part in the things you like!

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More How to Enjoy KidZania

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    KidZania's Safety & Security
    Steps that allow Kids to have fun safely!
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    What is a day at KidZania like? What can Guardians do?
    Find the answers in the Guest Guide!