Care Support Center

Care for the elderly and disabled!

As a Care Worker, you will learn the knowledge and skills to help the elderly and disabled to live their own lives. By experiencing the physical posture of the elderly and going out on the streets of KidZania in a wheelchair, you can acquire the ability to think from another person's point of view.

Duration 35mins
Suggested Age 5-15 years old
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What You Can Do

Care Worker

In order to learn the difference between young people and the elderly, you will put on braces and experience the physical posture of the elderly.
After that, you will assist an elderly person lying in bed, and go out on the streets of KidZania to assist an elderly person in a wheelchair.

  • You will be exposed to new nursing care technology using ICT.
  • Go into KidZania and assist with wheelchairs.
  • Receive an ID card when you are certified as a Care Worker.

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