Safety and Security Measures

Enjoy KidZania with peace of mind!

1 Designed for Safety

KidZania is designed to be an appropriate size for kids (2/3 of real world size) and provide clear visibility for everyone's safety.

2 Grouping System for Admission

Visa Holders with details about the number of kids and guardians in a group are used to tightly control the entry and exit of guests.

A group representative should always carry the Visa Holder during entry and exit.

Kids are not allowed to exit KidZania alone, and all members of a group must enter and exit together.

3 Zupervisors as Safeguards

Staff called Zupervisors are on duty at each establishment where kids can experience Activities. KidZania has protocols in place to provide rapid response in the unlikely event that a problem occurs.

4 Staffed First Aid Room

KidZania has qualified nurses on duty in the First Aid Room.

If an injury or illness occurs, the nurse is available to provide advice and consultation. (Please be aware that dealing with emergencies may still take time.)

5 Extensive Security Measures

KidZania's mission is to provide safe, secure and high-quality service. Security measures have been continuously updated and evolved since the beginning of KidZania.

Baggage Inspection

Baggage inspections are carried out during entry to prevent dangerous or inappropriate items and substances from entering KidZania.

Entrance & Exit Gates

Lockable gates are installed to prevent the entry of suspicious individuals and unauthorized exits.

Security Cameras & Monitors

Security cameras and monitors are installed throughout the facility to ensure safety. Recorded data is used only for crime prevention purposes and is deleted after a designated period of time.

Security Checks & Guards

KidZania has security guards in place to help ensure the safety of our guests.

Fire & Disaster Readiness

Disaster management equipment is regularly inspected and maintained, and disaster drills are conducted to ensure that KidZania is always ready to react when disasters happen.

6 Food Safety & Security

About Food Allergies

For food and beverage Activities, allergy information is posted at each establishment. At each food Activity, KidZania will confirm food allergies. If a guest has an allergy to one of the ingredients, they will not be able to experience the Activity. For allergy information, please see the Activity Allergy Information below.

Activity Allergy Information

7 Barrier-Free

For Kids That Need Assistance

Participation in Activities by kids who require special assistance is at the discretion of the guardian. Please contact the Information Desk or Zupervisor (establishment staff) in such cases.

For Guests With Service Dogs

Service dogs (guide, mobility service, hearing) as defined by the Service Dogs for the Physically Disabled Act are allowed to enter KidZania. Please wear the proper markings required by Japanese Law and carry your certification card.

Discounts for Kids with Disabilities

KidZania offers a discount for Kids with Disabilities. Kids with Disabilities (3-15yrs) are admitted at a reduced rate based on the following guidelines. To apply for the above discounted rates, Disability Certificates, Nursing Care Certificates, and/or Disability Welfare Certificates must be presented when checking in for admission.

  • *The above items must be issued by the local Japanese government or prefecture.
  • For each Kid with Disabilities, the Caregiver entrance fee will be applied to one adult.
  • Please note that there is no special fee for adults with disabilities.
  • Discounts for Kids with Disabilities cannot be used in conjunction with other discount services, campaign discounts or coupon offers.
  • Participation in activities is at the discretion of each individual. Please contact the staff if assistance is needed.