TV Station

Work together to create a TV program!

At the TV Station, make the "KidZania 7 Channel"! Choose from several jobs that are needed to make a TV program and work together through out the rehearsal and live recording!
Guardians can enter to watch as live audience members. You can take home a Blue-ray Disc of the show you made!

Duration 30 mins
Suggested Age 5 - 15 years old
Industry Partner's Site テレビ大阪株式会社

What You Can Do


Appear on a TV program to tell viewers what they want to know and to entertain them! After practicing your lines and confirming your cues, you will rehearse and record the show.

  • Star in the KidZania TV show.

Sound Engineer

Control the microphones and play music and videos for the TV program!

  • Use a special device to control the sound.

TV Cameraman

Film the cast with a real TV Camera!

  • Use a real TV camera.


Give directions to the cast to make a great show!

  • Use a special tool to give signals.

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