Horse Park

Learn about and work with horses!

Take care of horses as a Stable Groom, manage their health as a Veterinarian, or enjoy beautiful scenery in the Horse Riding experience! You will really understand how majestic horses are by working with them!

Duration Customer:35 mins
Veterinarian・Customer:30 mins
Suggested Age Customer:5 - 15 years old (Height 110cm+)
Veterinarian・Customer:3 - 15 years old
Industry Partner's Site 日本中央競馬会

What You Can Do

Stable Groom

Take good care of horses so that they can live a healthy and comfortable life by cleaning their stall, checking their condition, brushing their body and giving them food!

  • Learn how to take care of horses.
  • Get along with horses.


Examine the horse's physical condition and perform treatment if necessary!

  • Protect a horse's health.
  • Check a horse's condition and perform treatment.

Horse Riding

Learn about the equipment needed for horseback riding, then use the simulator to practice riding through beautiful scenery!

  • Learn how to ride a horse.
  • Experience horseback riding.

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