E@K Activity

Activities are conducted in English from start to finish!

An advanced English experience that rather than focusing on perfect conversation, aims to improve communication skills between people.


Monday Sausage Factory, Bakery, Shopping Alley:Art Supply Shop, Climbing Building(Maintenance Staff), Hospital(Nursery), Theater(Fashion Show)
Tuesday Hamburger Shop, Airplane, Shopping Alley:Flower Shop, Subway(Train Driver), Sports Club(Cheerleading), Soap Factory
Wednesday English Wednesday! Around half of the Activities are conducted as E@K Activities on English Wednesday!
Thursday Food R&D Center, Bank(Teller), Subway(Rolling Stock Maintenance Engineer), Courier Service, Glasses Shop, Milk House
Friday Sweets Factory, Car Life Support Center, City Clock, Energy Company, Police Department
Saturday Softcream Shop, Department Store(Sales Staff), Car Design Studio, Sports Club(Tennis), Fire Department, Watercolors Shop
Sunday Pizza Shop, Gas Station, Dental Clinic, Security Center, Magic Studio
  • *Please check the Activity Introductions for further details about Activities.
  • *Please note that the E@K Activity schedule may change due to various circumstances.