Legal Restrictions

KidZania and KidZania Official Site (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) are operated by KCJ GROUP INC (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”). Please read the following terms of use carefully: These terms apply to the relationship between the Company and users of the Site and those who have the status to be admitted to KidZania.

Acts of Reselling

  • The Company strictly prohibits any reservation for admission or resale for commercial purposes such as for the purpose to make profit by reselling at a higher price than purchase price. Such acts may violate the laws and regulations.
    The Company further prohibits reselling the following items (hereinafter referred to as the “Admission Ticket, etc.”) to third parties whether for profit or not. Reselling includes an act of attempting to resell the Admission Ticket, etc. (such as listing on auction sites or flea market sites).
    • admission ticket;
    • reservation number obtainable via the reservation service for admission on the Site (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”);
    • invitation card;
    • various types of invitation tickets provided by the Company and
    • any other status which enables a person to enter KidZania.
  • Purchasing the Admission Ticket, etc. from third parties and using the Admission Ticket, etc. purchased from third parties are also prohibited.
  • If an act of reselling Admission Ticket, etc. to third parties (including listing on auction sites or flea market sites) is found, the relevant Admission Ticket, etc. shall be invalidated. In such case, any reservation or admission using the relevant Admission Ticket, etc. will not be possible.
  • The Company shall not be held responsible for any trouble arising from or in connection with a resold Admission Ticket, etc., and will not be liable for any damage due to the inability to use such Admission Ticket, etc.

Other Prohibited Acts

  • In using the Service or entering KidZania, you must not do any of the following:
    • impersonating other persons, or otherwise using false addresses, names, etc.;
    • breach or threaten to breach the laws and regulations;
    • using the Service or entering KidZania for the purpose to make profit;
    • using or disseminating harmful programs such as computer viruses or
    • any other acts that impair the smooth operation of the Service or KidZania.
  • If the Company determines that you have breached this article, the Company may decline issuance of the Admission Ticket, etc. to you, your entry to the facility and future use of the Site. In such case, the fees you have already paid shall not be refunded.

Restrictions on the Use of Content

The copyright to the Site and the content on the Site (hereinafter referred to as “the Content, etc. on the Site”) belongs to the Company. Using the Content, etc. on the Site without written consent of the Company is strictly prohibited except where such use is permitted by the laws and regulations.

Trademark, Logo, etc.

Because the official logs of KidZania and official sponsors, official supporters, official suppliers, event sponsors, supporting companies, cooperative companies as well as shareholder partners are registered trademarks, using these marks and similar marks without prior consent is prohibited. Any intellectual property right of the Company and third parties are not licensed by the Site.


As to the contents of the Site, the Company does not make any form of warranty including the warranty regarding characteristics of merchandise or fitness for particular purposes.

The Company makes no warranty that the various types of functions of the Site are not interrupted or are error-free or that there are no viruses or other harmful components in the Site or the server.

The Company makes no warranty regarding the normality, accuracy, reliability, etc. of the result of the use of the Site. All expenses required for repair, etc. resulting from the use of the Site by a customer shall be borne by the customer.

However, depending on the laws and regulations, the provisions of this disclaimer may not be applied in whole or in part.

(Revised: April 1, 2021)