Spending Time: Guardians

Observe the Activities

Watch what your kid is doing through the windows or monitors at the establishments. KidZania values kids' autonomy, so in general guardians are not allowed to enter the establishments. There are, however, a few establishments that allow guardians to enter and observe the Activities.

Independent Kids!

Be a Photographer!


Some Activities move outside the establishment and around the city, which is a great opportunity to get close-up photos!

Through the Glass

Most establishments have windows that still allow you to snap some great photos!

Through the Monitor

For places that are difficult to see from outside the establishment, there are monitors available so you can see everything that is going on!

Use the Photo Service

At establishments marked with a "photo mark", KidZania's professional photo staff will take pictures. The available establishments change daily, but you can always request a photo at your favorite Activity by asking the establishment staff!

Photos taken by the professional photo staff are displayed inside KidZania and available for purchase.

  • *Sample Images. Actual uniforms may vary.
KidZania Tokyo KidZania Koshien KidZania Fukuoka
Our Photographers Get The Shots!

Take Advantage of the Parents Lounge

KidZania has a dedicated lounge for guardians to relax while the kids are doing Activities.

Generally, kids are not allowed to enter except for certain days and times. Please ask the staff for details.

  • KidZania Tokyo & Koshien: Parents Lounge
  • KidZania Fukuoka: Big Kup Coffee

Services for Guardians

Drink Bar (Fee)

Show your receipt from your first purchase and you can continue using the service for free all day!

Baggage Storage (Fee)

Bags and items can be stored for a fee. Please note that items cannot be taken out and returned during storage.

  • *Storage is available at the entrance of KidZania Fukuoka.

Mobile Battery Rental

A convenient service for when your smartphone runs out of battery.

Have Café Time

Guardians are welcome to enjoy KidZania's on-site restaurants! These restaurants use cash, credit cards, etc, not kidZos. Enjoy your meal or snack at the tables and seating inside KidZania, and of course kids are welcome to join!

Click here for KidZania Tokyo Click here for KidZania Koshien Click here for KidZania Fukuoka
Café Time

Take a Break Outside

Temporary exit is available until 30 minutes before the end of the shift.

  • *Availability may vary due to daily operation status.

If all kids in your group are in primary school or above, all guardians can temporarily exit together. Visit KidZania's exit if you are interested!


  • Admission fee for the day is charged even if the number of guests changes midway through your visit.
  • Kids aged 0-15 cannot temporarily exit KidZania.
  • If there are kids between 0 years old and kindergarten, at least one guardian must remain inside KidZania.
  • If all guardians and toddlers aged 0-2 temporarily exit, a form of identification (showing name and address) must be presented and a Terms & Conditions agreement must be signed.
  • In case of emergency, KidZania may contact guardians by mobile phone.