Enjoy KidZania 120%

Here are some tips to make the most of your experience at KidZania.

Research what Activities you want to do in advance!

Check out 5 to 10 Activities you want to experience. Then check where those Activities are on KidZania's City Map!

KidZania Tokyo

KidZania Koshien

KidZania Fukuoka

Think ahead about the activities you want to do.

Use the Information Boards!

Information Boards are posted outside each establishment. They offer information related to how many kids can join each Activity (Capacity), how long each Activity lasts (Duration), the Recommended Age, and how many kidZos your salary will be (Economy).

Also, near each Information Board will be a sign showing when the next available Activity will start.

Visit the Bank in your free time!

The Bank is often crowded just after opening and just before closing.

You can get a cash card by opening your own bank account and depositing kidZos. If you already have an account, you can use your cash card at the ATMs to check your balance and withdraw kidZos! Deposits can only be made at the Bank.

Go to the Job Information Center for help finding something to do!

If you are wondering what kind of Activity you should do, we recommend that you check out the Job Information Center!
You can get lots of information and advice about what Activities to do based on what you are interested in.

Try part-time jobs!

Some establishments offer part-time jobs that take around 15 minutes to complete and pay 3 kidZos. These are a great way to make the most of your spare time!
You can get a list of the available part-time jobs at the Job Information Center and the Information Desk.

  • *Availability can vary daily, so please ask the establishment staff for details.
  • *Part-time jobs do not give out job cards or wear uniforms.
  • *Part-time jobs are currently only available at KidZania Tokyo and KidZania Koshien.
Part-time Jobs

Visit the Department Store early so you have time to find exactly what you want!

The Department Store has a wide range of items available! Pencils, blocks, telescopes and more ranging in price from 50 to 30,000 kidZos!
Save your kidZos for that special item or buy whatever you can, it's up to you! The Department Store will be crowded during the last hour and some items are limited, so be sure to get your shopping done early!

  • *At KidZania Fukuoka, you can shop at the Shopping Mall.
Shop at the Department Store early!

Get an e-kidZo Card to pay electronically!

You can get an e-kidZo Card by charging 3 kidZos or more at the Electronic Money Center. There are e-kidZo Card stickers posted at all establishments that accept them.

Balance checkers are also installed at two different locations inside KidZania. You can also use the balance checkers to win coupons and gifts once each day!

  • *The Electronic Money Center is only available at KidZania Tokyo and KidZania Koshien.
Get an e-KidZo card to pay electronically!

KidZania Fukuoka's exclusive cashless service!

If you open a bank account at KidZania Fukuoka, your salary will automatically be transferred to your bank account by showing your cash card when you finish an Activity! You can also use the same cash card to make payments when shopping or participating in pay Activities!

You can get 3 presents on your birthday!

By visiting KidZania during your birthday month you can get a birthday card, birthday sticker and a secret present!

Each establishment you visit will write a birthday message on your card! Some establishments even have discounts for birthday kids! Have a great birthday at KidZania!

  • *Discounts cannot be applied to shopping at the Department Store, Shopping Mall, or for special events.
*Sample Image. Design may be subject to change.