Invalidation of Resold Admission Tickets

KCJ GROUP INC., which operates KidZania Koshien, implements the following countermeasures in the event of confirmed resale or attempted resale of admission tickets, regardless of whether it is for profit.

It is prohibited to resell admission tickets, reservation numbers obtained through the admission reservation service, etc. to third parties who are in a position to enter KidZania Koshien (including attempts to resell admission tickets through auction or flea market websites). Therefore, in a confirmed resale, KCJ GROUP INC. will invalidate the relevant admission ticket(s).

Guests cannot enter KidZania Koshien using invalidated admission tickets. Please note that refunds or compensation are not offered.

If you have accidentally purchased an admission ticket through the KidZania Koshien official website, or if you are unable to attend due to a change in your schedule after purchase, please follow the standard procedure to cancel or change your reservation.

Check the link below for specific regulations.

Click Here for the Legal Restrictions Page