Photo&Video Shop

A dedicated photographer to take photos of kids experiencing Activities!

What is the Photo&Video Shop

Photos are taken inside establishments designated with the photo mark on the JOB Schedule Card.

Designated establishments vary daily.

Please contact the Photo Staff about the daily photo schedule.

You can also request specific photos to be taken. Please contact the establishment staff if you are interested.

Where can photos be purchased?

Photos are posted inside KidZania on photo boards. Choose the photos you like the best and take them to the Photo&Video Shop to purchase.

Sales Hours

[Weekdays 1st Shift] 13:00~17:00
[1st Shift] 13:00~14:40
[2nd Shift] 18:30~20:10

  • *Sales hours may be subject to change.
  • *Photos can only be purchased on the day they are taken.

What are the photos sizes and prices?

  • *Prices shown include tax.
  • *Sample Image. Actual uniforms may vary.
2L Size [Data Included]
Jumbo Size [Data Included]
  • *Reprints are sold at a 200 yen discount from the display price.
  • *Pair and groups photos are accepted only for siblings.

Includes a special frame.

  • *Special frame designs are subject to change.

Option Service

Limited to guests that purchased photos.



Key Chain

Key Chain