Help people live!

Work together to treat sick or injured people by choosing to perform surgery, take care of newborn babies, prepare medicine, or use the Doctor Car to help people!

Duration 30~35 mins
Suggested Age 3 - 15 years old
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What You Can Do

Nursery (Nurse)

Give newborn babies bathes and make sure they are well taken care of in the neonatal room!

  • Take care of babies.

Operation Room (Doctor, Anesthesiologist, Clinical Engineer, Nurse)

Work together as a team to perform 1 of 2 different types of surgery!

  • Use real equipment.
  • Learn about the human body.

Critical Care Center (Doctor, Nurse, Paramedic)

Ride in the Doctor Car to perform treatment on injured patients using specialized equipment!

  • Ride in a Doctor Car.
  • Use real equipment and tools.

Rehabilitation Center (Physical Therapist)

Learn rehabilitation techniques that will help improve the lives of your patients!

  • Use real equipment and tools.

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