Web Reservation Rules

KCJ GROUP INC. (hereinafter called 'the Company') provides the web reservation policy below with regard to the admission reservation service via the internet (hereinafter called 'the Service') for the facilities operated by the Company as detailed below (hereinafter called 'KidZania'). By consenting to this policy, you can use the Service.

Article1 The Service
You can make a web reservation to enter KidZania according to this policy at the internet website that the Company provides.
Article2 User Policy
  1. You cannot use the Service except to make admission reservations for KidZania.
  2. You accept full responsibility for using the Service only from a trusted computer on an internet connection that you have judged to be safe and secure. The Company shall not be liable for any damages arising from things that the Company cannot control, such as the conditions of your network, the software you use, limitations imposed by your provider, etc.
  3. The Company may change or suspend the operation of the Service as needed without any prior notice. The Company shall not be liable for any damages resulting from such a suspension.
  4. The Company shall not be liable for any damages resulting from an incomplete or timed-out internet session, closing of your browser, or disconnection of your network.
  5. In the normal operation of the Service, the Company may connect to sites and servers outside of the Company as needed.
  6. In the normal operation of the Service, SSL certification will be used as needed during the payment process.
  7. Reservations for up to 19 people can be made through the Service. Please call the Company if you wish to make a group reservation for more than 20 people in a group.
Article3 Reservation Procedure and Admission
  1. When you make a reservation, you must enter the required information and pay the necessary admission fees with an accepted credit card (only single payments permitted) by 11:55pm the day before your visit. After entering the required information and settling payment, the Company will issue an 'e-ticket' to you. An issued e-ticket indicates completion of the reservation process. However, please note that your reservation may not be completed if any required information is omitted, incomplete or incorrect.
  2. The Company accepts reservations up to 4 months in advance from the 1st of each month. (For example, on April 1st, reservations become available until the end of July, then on May 1st, reservations become available until the end of August, and so on.)
  3. Depending on availability, the Company may not be able to accept your reservation.
  4. Guests who have completed the reservation process should present the e-ticket or the confirmation email at the entrance of KidZania on the day of their visit.
  5. Upon entering KidZania, please comply with the 'Facility Usage Agreement' as designated by the Company. You can access the 'Facility Usage Agreement' on the website or at the entrance of KidZania.
Article4 Reservation Limitations
Each group must be accompanied by at least one Adult (over 16 years old) in order to enter, unless all Guests in the group are junior high school students. Toddlers (under 3 years old) enter free, but Groups that include only Toddlers and Adults are not allowed to enter. We accept reservations for up to 14 Guests per reservation.

Please comply with this section when you make a reservation. If you make a reservation that does not comply with this section, the Company may deny entry and not allow you to participate in activities. In addition, no refund for prepaid fees will be granted.
Article5 Change of Activities and Events, etc.
The activities and locations reserved through the Service, including events, shops and restaurants, may be altered, postponed, suspended or closed without any prior notice. In such cases, the Company shall not refund any prepaid fees, except in the event of complete suspension of KidZania business operations.
Article6 Prohibited Activities
  1. The transfer of any reservation information or admission privileges to KidZania obtained from the Service to a third party for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Resale at a higher price of reservation information or admission privileges obtained on the Site is not allowed via auction or other methods.
  2. The following actions are not allowed when using the Site.
    1. (1)Impersonating a third party, or using false addresses, names, etc.
    2. (2)Violating laws or regulations, or engaging in illegal acts.
    3. (3)Using or spreading harmful programs or computer viruses.
    4. (4)Damaging the functionality of the Site or the operation of KidZania.
  3. Users determined to be in violation of the terms of terms and conditions listed here may be denied the issuing of tickets, entrance to KidZania, and future access to the Site. In such cases, no refunds of any kind will be issued.
Article7 Reservation Changes
  1. You are permitted to change or cancel a completed reservation until 11:55pm the day before your visit. Cancelations or modifications to your reservation after 11:55pm the day before your visit are not allowed. However, should an outside factor (transportation problems, weather issues, illness, etc.) prevent your visit to KidZania, please contact the Information Center during the following periods.

    1st Shift Reservation: Before 12:00pm on the day of your visit.
    2nd Shift Reservation: Before 5:30pm on the day of your visit.
  2. Refunds due to cancelations or reductions of the number of Guests will be processed to the credit card used to make the original reservation.
  3. If you wish to change the shift or date of your visit, updated admission fees and a handling fee will be processed to the credit card used to make the original reservation. A full refund for your original reservation charges will be processed after your new reservation total is charged to your credit card. You will receive your refund in due time depending on the processing cycle of your credit card company.
  4. Cancellations, changes to the date or shift, or reductions to the number of Guests in your reservation will incur handling fees.
Article8 Reservation Number and Password Control
  1. Management of the reservation number and the reservation password chosen in order to use the Service is the responsibility of the Guest.
  2. A third party may not use, lend or transfer the reservation number and the reservation password in order to register false or incorrect information.
  3. The reservation number and reservation password are used to confirm the identity of Guests with reservations. A matching reservation number and reservation password connected to information registered with the Company shall be assumed to be connected to the person who made the reservation.
  4. The Guest shall be liable for any damages caused by the mismanagement of the reservation number or the reservation password. The Company shall not be liable for user error or the violation of terms by a third party's use of your reservation number or reservation password.
  5. In the event that your reservation number or the reservation password is stolen, disclosed or used by a third party, inform the Company immediately and follow the instructions given.
Article9 Privacy Policy
Please refer to the 'Privacy Policy' page on our website concerning the handling of personal information.
Article10 Agreement Jurisdiction
With respect to legal disputes arising from the Service between you and the Company, the Tokyo District Court shall retain exclusive jurisdiction over the agreement and shall be the court of first instance.
Article11 Effective Date
This policy is effective as of 12:00am, May 19th, 2015.
KidZania Tokyo
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KidZania Koshien
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Accepted Credit Cards
We accept JCB, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club.