Terms of Use

KCJ GROUP INC. (hereinafter called 'Company') makes the Facilities Usage Agreement of KidZania (hereinafter called 'Agreement') below, which is managed and administered by the Company. This Agreement shall apply to Guests (all of the people entering and leaving KidZania) of KidZania. The use of KidZania shall be limited to those who consent to the Agreement. The Company may ask anyone who does not consent to the Agreement or violates it to leave the facilities. The Company may revise The Agreement, as necessary. The revised Agreement shall become effective without Guest's prior consent.

  1. The use of KidZania shall be limited to those with a regular admission reservation (reservation confirmation number) who have paid all admission fees the Company has designated, or those who purchase a Same Day Ticket at the reception. In the event that proof of purchase is requested, please keep all receipts received prior to entering the facilities.
  2. KidZania operates two shifts daily.
    • 1st Shift 9:00-15:00 (6 hours)
    • 2nd Shift 16:00-21:00 (5 hours)
    Open hours may be altered depending on special events.
    We kindly ask all Guests, including Guests who enter in the middle of a Shift to exit the facilities at the end of each Shift. Please be ready to present your reservation number, when you queue before the facility opens. The Company implements a baggage check at the reception for security purposes.
  3. The Company may suspend admission, close the facilities, or restrict use of any part of the facilities at its discretion, even during scheduled business hours.
  4. During regular hours, applicable age for Kids to participate in activities is between 3 and 15 years old (some height requirements apply.). Unless Guests are junior high school students, each reservation must include at least one Adult (over 16 years old) to accompany Kids. Toddlers (under 3 years old) enter free, but Groups that include only Toddlers and Adults will not be admitted into the park. However this may change during special events.
  5. KidZania is a theme park that creates role-playing experiences for children. Although we always make the best efforts to provide the best security for Guests and ensure a safe environment for children to have fun and enjoy a variety of experiences, please understand that those efforts cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, in the case of personal injury, property damage, or other material damage, the Company and its affiliated companies shall not be held liable for any damages whatsoever unless the cause of such damages is attributable to the Company.
  6. In the case that the facilities are not available due to natural disaster, directions from organizations of authority or other reasons attributable to the Company, the Company shall not be liable for any damages. In the event of theft, damage to the building, facilities, fixtures, equipment, etc., or any other violations of the Agreement attributed to the actions of Guests, such Guests shall be held liable for all such damages.
  7. Guests can take photographs and videos in KidZania, on the condition that those actions do not disturb other Guests. Also,voice and/or video recording is not permitted in the pavilion(establishment) premises when activities are being experienced by the children without prior written permission by the Company.
  8. Please refrain from using cellphones in ways that may disturb other Guests.
  9. The Company reserves the right to refuse admission to any Guest or to request the removal from the facilities of any Guest whose attire or actions are deemed disruptive, inappropriate, or not cooperative with the Company's requests.
  10. 10. Guests may be photographed or filmed by the media (Newspaper, TV, etc.) and/or our staff as the shooting target or the background of the subject. Please be aware that such visual material may be used in television reports, advertising, promotions, or sales products. We appreciate and kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation in advance.
  11. The photographs taken by our staff or outsourcing contractor inside the KidZania facility are being shown in such a way that all the guests could see them while these photos are available for sell. Also, depending on the establishment (pavilion), download services of the photographs taken at the establishment (pavilion) are offered by our Industry Partners (Sponsor Companies) through smartphone applications and/or WEB sites, or DVDs of motion videos of children having experiences (usually together with other children) recorded at the establishment (pavilion) may be distributed. We appreciate and kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation in advance. In the case you don’t wish photographs to be taken as stated in this clause, please be sure to inform our staff thereof at the entrance and/or when registering for the activity at each establishment (pavilion).
  12. In the event of emergency (fire, earthquake, etc.), please evacuate the facilities and follow the instructions of the Company staff.
  13. The Company prohibits the behaviors listed below.
    • (1)Possession of dangerous objects, pets (except helper dogs), foods or drinks
      (Canteens, allergen free foods and baby foods are permitted)
    • (2)Distribution or display of goods
    • (3)Filming for commercial purposes
    • (4)Organized crowding or public speaking
    • (5)Smoking anywhere within this facility including electronic cigarettes and any other form of smokeless tobacco.
    • (6)Performing acts that violate or are likely to violate the rights, interests, or dignity of the Company or third parties, including the other Guests
    • (7)Performing acts that harm or are likely to harm the public order or morals, or providing information to third parties that violates public order
    • (8)Religious or political activities, or other conduct which does not suit the nature of KidZania
    • (9)Commercial activities without the Company's permission
    • (10)Engaging in acts that violate laws or ordinances
    • (11)Engaging in acts that are judged to be inappropriate by the Company