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Exciting Week with NICHIREI FOODS

Dates: Saturday, October 14, 2017 to Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Frozen Food Week

Exciting Week with NICHIREI FOODS

A "Frozen Food" themed event will be held for a limited time only. At the Food R&D Center, you can make "Imagawa-yaki" (A thick pancake filled with sweet azuki bean paste) only during this event. Also, you can try the quiz rally challenge featuring frozen foods. Join this event to learn more about its tastiness!

"Food R&D Center" Limited Time Activity

The food you make at the Food R&D Center will be changed to "Imagawa-yaki". Measure ingredients and make the dough to make Imagawa-yaki. When you're finished, you will check its color, size, and taste to make a new frozen food.

Location Food R&D Center (City Map 1F-7)
Duration about 35 mins
Capacity 6 Kids
KidZos 5 KidZos
  • You will receive an exclusive Job Card of Exciting Week with NICHIREI FOODS.
  • KidZania Club Member Activity will not be available during this event.
  • Children will eat the frozen food during the Activity. KidZania must refuse participation of any individual that has allergies to any items at the Pavilion.
  • Click here for allergy information.
Quiz Rally

Search inside KidZania to find 5 Quiz Panels to try the Quiz Rally challenge featuring Frozen Food! Answer all questions correctly to win a prize. For more information, please refer to your Quiz Rally Card received upon entrance.

Goal In front of Event Space 1 (City Map 1F-5)
Time [1st Shift]12:00 〜 15:00 / [2nd Shift]18:00 〜 21:00
Exciting Week with NICHIREI FOODS Exclusive Activities

You can enjoy exclusive Activities at the City Tour Bus and the Radio Station for the Exciting Week with NICHIREI FOODS.

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