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Fastener Week 2017

Dates: Saturday, October 7, 2017 to Friday, October 13, 2017
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Feel the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship!

Fastener Week 2017

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You can experience the quality and engineering of familiar Japanese crafted fasteners.

Fastener Craftsman

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Learn a variety of fastener types and structures, and experience the assembly of fastener accessories. Make a pouch using fastener accessories.

Location Fastener Workshop (City Map 1F - 5 Event Space 1)
Capacity 6 Kids
Duration 30mins
kidZos 8 kidZos
  • Activities are limited to 1 time per person, per entry. (Excluding ONE TWO PLUS)
  • This Activity will be included in KidZania Club Members' job records.
Fastener Park

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Have fun in Link Loop, a corner full of play items using fasteners.

Location In Front of Theater (City Map 1F-13)
Capacity 4 Kids
Duration about 15mins
kidZos Free
Baby Fastener Park

A Link Loop corner for Kids under 3 to enjoy.

Location In Front of Event Space 2 (City Map 1F-12)
kidZos Free
  • Children must be accompanied by a guardian.
Fastener Quiz Rally

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Do a quiz rally featuring fasteners you may not know. Answer all questions correctly to participate in a lottery to win YKK original products.

Fastener Object

※Example image

Items made in the Link Loop will decorate KidZania.

Sponsor: YKK

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