Exciting Week with ECC

DatesFFriday, January 27, 2017 ` Monday, January 30, 2017
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English Challenge

Exciting Week with ECC

There will be plenty of fun at our events, such as puzzle-solving and bingo using English! Go ahead and challenge yourself!

Special Event `Solve the English Puzzle!`

Try to solve puzzles by working together in a team. Let's solve the code and find Bache's treasure!

Location Event Space 1 (City Map 1F-5)
Participants 6
Length 30 mins
KidZos N/A

KidZania Club members: Activity history will not be recorded.

English BINGO

Challenge yourself with English and KidZania Character questions and aim for bingo! Once you get bingo, you will get an original greeting card as a present.

Please check the bingo card given at the entrance for details.

Bingo Matching
1 vertical line and 1 horizontal line, 2 rows of bingo.
1st type of greeting card.
All rows completed.
2nd type of greeting card.
Present Exchange Location
  • Commercial Studio (City Map 2F-87)
  • Mystery Room (Event Space 1 City Map 1F-5)
Present Exchange Time y1st shiftz 12:00 - 15:00 ^y2nd shiftz 18:00 - 21:00
Exciting Week with ECC Limited - time Activiities

During the event period, guardians of Kids experiencing the Commercial Studio will be able to observe the practice inside the Commercial Studio.

In addition, the City Tour Bus / Radio Station activiities will change to special versions for the Exciting Week with ECC event.


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