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Course update for EAP eKspress!

Date: From Friday, January 1, 2021
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Course Change!

Course update for EAP eKspress!

Now you can try the Security Center and the Bakery Activities for EAP eKspress! EAP eKspress is a special language program led by fluent English speaking Kidzania staff, called Navigators. Every kid that participates in EAP eKspress will receive a group photo, a certificate, and a special EAP bag that they can take home with them.

EAP eKspress Courses from January 1, 2021~

1st Shift/2nd Shift Security Center, Bakery, Newspaper Edition

※Please check here for the courses until December 31st.

  • A guardian must be present at the start and end of the program.
  • Only a single group ticket will be issued upon payment in full. All members need to be together when entering and leaving. For temporary exit guidelines, please check this page.
  • Kids should bring a bottled drink with them during the program.
  • Non full groups of EAP will have general guests added to Activities as per capacity.
  • KidZania must refuse participation of any individual that has an allergy to any item at relevant pavilions. For allergy information please click here.
  • We will not operate the programs on Special event days, and non-operational days.

※Please be aware that the courses may change due to various circumstances.

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