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Publishers Pavilion Opening!

Date : Thursday, December 17, 2020 (2nd Shift)
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Create a book!

Publishers Pavilion Opening!

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As an editor, edit a "picture dictionary" or "picture book".
While editing a "picture dictionary", think of pages and covers using pictures of creatures that will surprise readers.
While editing a "picture book", think of pages and covers using photos you take of a diorama provided by the creator of the book. Create a book while thinking about the reaction of the readers.

Get a limited edition button pin to commemorate the Publishers opening!

Opening Period Thursday, December 17 (2nd Shift) to Wednesday, December 23 (2nd Shift)
Eligible Persons Kids who experience working at "Publishers" during these dates
Capacity 4 kids each time

※Due to the opening ceremony for Publishers on Thursday, December 17, operating hours of the Pavilion will change on the day of the opening. For more information, please inquire staff on the day.


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