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KidZania Party

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KidZania Party

Enjoy your special day with a KidZania Party at KidZania Tokyo. We're offering the "KidZania Party" for friends and family groups.

KidZania Party Benefits

1st and 2nd Shift, limited to one group per shift! Special plan for up to 10 people per group. 1 Group may include up to 5 kids (age 3 to 15). Kids in the group can all experience 3 Activities together, private party room usage for the full time of stay, and a group photo taken together with KidZania characters.

Benefit 1

【Advanced Reservations】

Choose 3 Activities
You can choose 1 from each A to C section
  • Fire Department (Firefighter)
    ※Reservations until Febuary.
  • Security Center (Security Guard)
    ※Reservations from March.
  • Airplane (Pilot or Cabin Attendant)
  • Science Lab (Scientist)
  • Beauty Salon (Beauty Consultant)
  • Soap Factory (Soap Factory Worker)
  • Commercial Studio (Commercial Actor)
  • Car Design Studio (Car Modeler)
  • Pencil Factory (Pencil Factory Worker)
  • Hamburger Shop (Kitchen Staff)
  • Cooking Studio (Chef)
  • Bakery (Baker)
  • Pizza Shop (Pizza Chef)

※Some Activities might be conducted in Japanese.

※Please check the "English Programs" tab on our website in advance to determine which Activities will be in English on the day of your visit.

※The selection of Activities will vary based on the season.

※Due to vehicle maintenance, the【Fire Department (Firefighter)】Activity will change to the 【Security Center (Security Guard)】Activity from March.

Benefit 2

【Exclusive party room usage during your stay】

Benefit 3

【One free group photo taken together with KidZania characters】

Benefit 4

【Waffle voucher】*includes KidZania Premium Bowl

Benefit 5

【Original button pin gift for all Kids】

Shift Overview


Party Fee Settlement・Group Gathering・Entrance

1st Shift 8:45 / 2nd Shift 15:45

  • ・Please settle the party fee at the Airport counter by the designated time.
  • ・Characters will greet you upon entrance! Take a group photo with the characters.
  • ・You will be escorted to your exclusive party room. After staff explains the full shift overview, everyone will make exclusive button pins together.

Experience Activities

1st Shift 9:30~11:30 / 2nd Shift 16:30~18:30

All Kids in the group can experience doing 3 pre-selected Activities together.

※Every Wednesday is "English Wednesday!".


KidZania Free Time until Leaving

1st Shift until 15:00 / 2nd Shift until 21:00

After finishing Activities, your time can be spent freely. Eat in the party room or please experience different Activities.

You can exchange your waffle voucher at PIZZA LA EXPRESS on the 2nd floor.

※Sample image. Please note that actual times may vary depending on conditions of the day.

Pricing ・Time Schedule

KidZania Party Fee

Pre-tax cost for 1 group

1st Shift (9:00 to 15:00) 2nd Shift (16:00 to 21:00)
10,000 yen + entrance fee for each guest 10,000 yen + entrance fee for each guest
  • ※Consumption tax will be charged separately.
  • ※There are common rates for weekends, holidays, and high season.
  • ※In addition to the above mentioned prices, there is an entrance fee for each guest.
    (General admission: Cannot be used with discount offers)
  • ※1 Group may include up to 5 kids (age 3 to 15). May include up to 5 adults and seniors.
  • ※The above rates include all benefits of the KidZania Party Set.


Operating Daily
※Does not apply to special business days (Syllabus, etc) and temporary closures.

Application Period

Please send an email to( least 2 weeks prior to the desired reservation date.

Reserve ・ Apply

1. Please send the requested information (1) to (3) to the KidZania Party Secretariat.
  • (1)Reservation date:(example) Saturday, October 5, 2019 (2nd Shift)
  • (2)Group Leader:
  • (3)Phone number:
2. You will receive mail or phone call from KidZania Party Secretariat regarding your desired reservation date and availability.
3. Once you have confirmed the reservation date for the KidZania Party, we will send you the URL of the KidZania Party Admission Ticket Site. Please enter the necessary information and make a credit card payment.
4. Please bring your necessary information and make a credit card payment on the day, and settle the KidZania Party fee at the Airport counter.


  • You can apply for a KidZania Party up to 3 months in advance. (First-come-first-served basis)
  • You can not add a KidZania Party as an option to a date that has already been reserved for admission.
  • All children in the group can experience the same Activities together. Individually is not permitted. (Other children may also be joining in)
  • KidZania party does not include meals. Please use the restaurants in KidZania.
  • You cannot choose the order of Activities. The staff will guide you on the day.
  • A fixed fee will be charged for changes and cancellations after the admission reservation has been confirmed.
  • Please check the official website for details.
  • Reservation changes / cancellations can only be made at least a week before.

The personal information you enter will only be used for communications related to the KidZania Party.
We will manage appropriately based on the privacy policy of KCJ Group.

Privacy Policy

Inquiries:KidZania Tokyo Party Department

Please apply at least 2 weeks prior. It may take a few days to receive a response.

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