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Introducing New Activities & Course Changes for EAP and EAP eKspress!

Date: From Tuesday, October 1, 2019
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Try new English Activities!

Introducing New Activities & Course Changes for EAP and EAP eKspress!

Now you can try the General Trading Company and the Newspaper Edition Activities for EAP and EAP eKspress! EAP and EAP eKspress are two special language programs lead by fluent English speaking KidZania staff, called Navigators. Every Kid that participates in EAP or EAP eKspress will receive a group photo, a Certificate, and a special EAP bag that they can take home with them!

EAP and EAP eKspress Courses

EAP - 5 Activities

Days 2nd Shift(17:00-20:00)
Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays General Trading Company, Hamburger Shop, Magic Studio, Soap Factory, Fire Department

EAP eKspress - 3 Activities

Days 1st Shift(13:00-14:30)
Everyday Security Center, Soap Factory, Newspaper Edition
Days 2nd Shift(17:00-18:30)
Tuesdays~Thursdays Fire Department, Police Department, Invention Workshop

※Please check here for the courses until September 30.

  • Groups must include a minimum of 4 Kids total. If there are not enough Kids, we will notify you 7 days before and ask you to choose another date, make a regular reservation, or cancel your visit.
  • We reserve the right to add Kids to groups of less than 6 Kids and fill Activities to maximum capacity due to operational guidelines.
  • Only a single group ticket will be issued upon payment in full. The group ticket shows how many people and category. All members of the group need to be together when entering and leaving, for temporary exit guidelines, please check this website.
  • Please be ready to meet 20 minutes before the program starts.
  • If time allows, Kids may be able to do regular activities before and after the program.
  • KidZania follows strict guidelines concerning allergies and sensitivities. Please inform us of any known concerns at the time you make your reservation. If your child has allergies, a consent form signed by a Parent or Guardian with detailed information about the nature of the allergy must be obtained before your child will be allowed to participate in the activity. For Activity allergy information, please click here.

※Please be aware that the courses may change due to various circumstances.

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