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KidZania Halloween 2018

Date: Saturday, October 27, 2018 to Wednesday, October 31, 2018
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KidZania Tokyo's Neon Halloween!

KidZania Halloween 2018

Kids and Adults are bringing their costumes to join in the fun! We have exclusive Halloween neon arts & crafts, games, and Activities in English for a limited time only!

Neon Fun House

Neon Fun House

Enter into a special room where everything glows in the dark and enjoy special Halloween programs for a limited time only!

Location Event Space1(City Map 1F-5)
  • ※For more information of Neon Fun House, please ask our event staff on the event day.
  • ※Workshops in Neon Fun House will not be included in KidZania Club Members' job records.

Firefly Jar

Use special paint to design a jar that will look like it is filled with glowing fireflies when the lights are turned off! This activity will be in English!

Firefly Jar

※sample image


Plasma Globes

Experiment with the electricity stuck inside a glass ball, and watch the electricity follow the movements of your fingers!

Halloween Parade

Halloween Parade
※sample image

Join the KidZania characters and march around KidZania together in Halloween costumes! The Halloween Parade will feature a special Halloween dance and various costumes provided to kids! Kids can also bring their own costume to wear in the parade. You'll receive a limited edition Halloween Performer Job Card!

Location Theater
Capacity 30 Kids
KidZos 8 KidZos
Time 1st Shift: 14:00 to 15:00 (Parade time: 14:35 to 14:50) / 2nd Shift: 20:10 to 21:05 (Parade time: 20:45 to 21:00)
  • ※Sweeping Parade will be replaced with Halloween Parade during this period.
  • ※This experience will be included in the KidZania Club Member online job record.
Halloween Photo Booth

Bring your own costume and take a professional photo with your family featuring a special background image! Family or friends can join the photo together and photos are available for purchase! (1,700 yen)

Halloween Photo Booth

※sample image

Location In Front of Theater (City Map 1F-13)
Reception Time 1st Shift 10:00 〜 14:30 / 2nd Shift 17:00 〜 20:30

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