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Veterinary Clinic surgery becomes "Cat Tube Feeding"

Date:Wednesday, July 4, 2018 〜
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As a veterinarian, perform surgery on a cat.

Veterinary Clinic surgery becomes  "Cat Tube Feeding"

※Example image

The surgery room Activity at the Veterinary Clinic changes to "Cat Tube Feeding" as a veterinarian perform a tube feeding operation on a Russian Blue cat who can not swallow food, to feed it directly through its stomach. Be sure to try being a veterinarian at the newly renewed Veterinary Clinic! 

Due to maintenance of the surgery room, please note the following changes to the schedule of the Veterinary Clinic.

Operating Schedule

Monday, July 2 Closed all day
Tuesday, July 3
Only surgery room Activity will be closed.
Other Veterinary Clinic Activities will be open as usual.
Wednesday, July 4 Surgery Activity will re-open

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