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Course update for EAP and EAP eKspress!

Date : Tuesday, October 10, 2017~
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Let’s speak English!

Course update for EAP and EAP eKspress!

From Tuesday, October 10, 2017 EAP & EAP eKspress courses will be replacing the Printing Company to the Publishing Company Activity due to operational changes.
EAP & EAP eKspress are two special language programs lead by fluent English speaking KidZania staff, called Navigators, who have been trained by native English speakers. Every Kid that participates in EAP or EAP eKspress will receive a free keepsake group photo, an EAP Review Guide, and a special EAP bag that they can take home with them!

EAP & EAP eKspress Courses from October 10, 2017~

EAP - 5 Activities

Days 2nd Shift (5:00pm−8:00pm) 
Mondays & Fridays Food R&D Center, Bakery, Soap Factory, Publishing Company, Travel Agency
Saturdays & Sundays Subway (Train Driver), Pizza Shop, Publishing Company, Invention Workshop, Travel Agency

EAP eKspress - 3 Activities

Days 1st Shift (1:00pm−2:30pm)
Mondays 〜 Fridays Fire Department, Soap Factory, Publishing Company
Saturdays & Sundays Invention Workshop, Subway (Train Driver), Courier Service
Days 2nd Shift (5:00pm−6:30pm)
Tuesdays 〜 Thursdays Hospital (Nursery), Courier Service, Publishing Company

※Please be aware that the schedule may change due to various circumstances.

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