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Spending Time: Adults

Independent Kids!

In order to allow Kids to take the initiative and do what they want to do, Adults may not enter pavilions or participate in activities. However, Adults are encouraged to form part of the audience at the Theater, and we welcome Adults to watch their Kid's accomplishments from the viewing areas at each pavilion.

Photography and Video Welcome!

Up Close

Get some great pictures from the open access areas of many pavilions.

Viewing Areas

You can see what your Kids are up to from the many windows looking into pavilions.


When direct viewing is not available, look for video monitors to see the real-time action.

Our Photographers Get The Shots!

The professional photographers throughout the park are capturing photos of hard-working Kids all day long at some of the most popular activities. To find out which pavilions are included in the day's photos, check the pavilion list across from the Airplane. Photos are available for purchase until the end of each shift.

Relax in the Parents Lounge

Be sure to visit the Parents Lounge, a space just for Adults to relax. While Kids are having fun, Adults can take advantage of free internet service, read the day's newspapers, or watch TV with a refreshment from the Drink Bar.

Services Available

Drink Bar

¥300 with free refills.

Luggage Storage

¥400 to store large items.

Newspapers / Books / TV / Internet

Available for all to enjoy.
Internet access and free Wi-Fi are available.

Charging Station

Outlets available to charge phones and electronics.

Café Time

Any food purchases made from Pizza La Express (2F), RF1 Delicatessen (1F), or MOS Burger (1F) can be enjoyed by Adults in the Parents Lounge. If you will be eating together with Kids, please use the Food Court areas in the park.

Exit and Re-entry for Adults

Adults are welcome to exit and re-enter KidZania for shopping and other such activities during the 1st Shift (8:30am - 2:30pm) or the 2nd Shift (3:30pm - 8:30pm). However, we ask that Guests act in accordance with the rules below.


  • Be sure to keep your Visa Holder and Group Ticket with you.
  • Please present a valid ID and a local address. The Exit and Re-entry Permission form must be signed.
  • Children 15 and under may not exit and re-enter.
  • If any of the Kids in a group are not yet in the first year of elementary school, we ask that one Adult remain in the park.
  • Please notify staff if you wish to exit and re-enter with your Toddler who is 2 years old or younger.
  • In case there is an emergency, please be sure to leave a phone number where you can be contacted.