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2nd Shift Procedure (4:00pm~9:00pmj

Entry Procedures are different for the 1st Shift and 2nd Shift.

1. Enter LaLaport Toyosu

Arriving before 10:00am
KidZania Tokyo opens before general business hours of LaLaport Toyosu.
The queue for the 2nd Shift begins forming on the 1st Floor, Center Port.

œ Arriving by Train
Enter at the front of LaLaport Toyosu

œ Arriving by car
Use Elevator III (operates 24hr/day), go to the 1st Floor, Center Port.

  • EA single person may represent all members in your group in line.
    However, each person may only get one Order Ticket for one reservation number.
  • EPlease do not use bags or articles to save space in line.

Arriving after 10:00am
Go to the entrance of KidZania Tokyo on the 3rd Floor of LaLaport.

2. 10:15am~ Reception Begins

10:15am~3:00pm Proceed to the KidZania Tokyo reception at the front of KidZania.
3:00pm~ Please join the end of the line that forms inside of LaLaport.

A single person may represent all members of your group at reception.

EPlease be ready to present your reservation number.

Upon paying your admission fees and completing reception, you will get a set of materials for your Kid and a Visa Holder for you to wear around your neck. If you arrived by car, you can validate your parking ticket.

Security Bracelets are available for visitors upon request.

¦ 2nd Shift Guests are welcome to enter anytime after 4:00pm. Reception begins at 10:15am for those who wish to start as early as possible.

3. 3:00pm~ Queue to Enter

After completing reception, please line up outside of KidZania according to your Order Ticket, or join the end of the line inside of LaLaport.

¦Please line up promptly at the time on your Order Ticket so as to not lose your place in line. Please be considerate of other LaLaport visitors.

4. 3:30pm~ Doors Open

Groups will begin being entering the park.
Kids should go to the first pavilion they want to try.
All activities will begin from 4:00pm.