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1st Shift Procedure(9:00am~3:00pm)

Entry Procedures are different for the 1st Shift and 2nd Shift.

1. Enter LaLaport Toyosu on the 1st Floor

KidZania Tokyo opens before general business hours of LaLaport Toyosu.
The queue for the 1st Shift begins forming on the 1st Floor, Center Port.

● Arriving by Train
Enter at the front of LaLaport Toyosu

● Arriving by car
Use Elevator III (operates 24hr/day), go to the 1st Floor, Center Port.

  • ・A single person may represent all members in your group in line.
    However, each person may only get one Order Ticket for one reservation number.
  • ・Please do not use bags or articles to save space in line.

2. 7:40am~ Reception Begins

Proceed to the KidZania Tokyo reception at the front of KidZania. A single person may represent all members of your group at reception.

・Please be ready to present your reservation number.

Upon paying your admission fees and completing reception, you will get a set of materials for your Kid and a Visa Holder for you to wear around your neck. If you arrived by car, you can validate your parking ticket.

Security Bracelets are available for visitors upon request.

※ 1st Shift Guests are welcome to enter anytime after 9:00am. Reception begins at 7:40am for those who wish to start as early as possible.

3. 8:10 Queue to Enter

After completing reception, please line up outside of KidZania according to your Order Ticket.

※Please line up promptly at 8:10 so as to not lose your place in line.

4. 8:30~ Doors Open

Groups will begin being entering the park.
Kids should go to the first pavilion they want to try.
All activities will begin from 9:00am.