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Hours and Admission Fees


KidZania Tokyo operates two shifts daily.
Hours for optional plans and events may vary.

  • 1st Shift 9:00am - 3:00pm
  • 2nd Shift 4:00pm - 9:00pm

WEB Reservations for Optional Plans


General ReservationGeneral Reservation

Weekday Holiday Spring Holiday Holiday Season
1st shift 2nd shift

Plans for normal fee/normal operation time. Reservations for this month and the next 3 months can be made here. Reservation spaces are limited. Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Weekday 1st shiftWeekday 2nd shiftHoliday 1st shiftHoliday 2nd shiftHoliday Season 1st shiftHoliday Season 2nd shift
Preschool (3 and over)¥3,550¥2,950¥4,200¥3,250¥5,100¥3,900
Primary School¥3,950¥3,250¥4,700¥3,550¥5,700¥4,250
Jr. High School¥4,050¥3,350¥4,800¥3,650¥5,800¥4,350
Adults (16 and over)¥1,950¥1,950¥1,950¥1,950¥2,050¥1,950
Seniors (60 and Over)¥950¥950¥950¥950¥950¥950
Preschool w/disabilities¥1,770¥1,470¥2,100¥1,620¥2,550¥1,950
Primary w/disabilities¥1,970¥1,620¥2,350¥1,770¥2,850¥2,120
Jr. High w/disabilities¥2,020¥1,670¥2,400¥1,820¥2,900¥2,170
Senior Caregiver¥470¥470¥470¥470¥470¥470
  • Tax not included


  • Holidays include Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays.。
  • Dates for the Holiday Season, decided by KidZania.
  • 1Reservations for over 19 people cannot be made through our English website.

Telephone Reservations for Optional Plans

  • Make your reservation at least one day prior to your visit.

  • Join an English speaking Navigator for back-to-back activities!