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  • Invention Workshop

    Invention Workshop
    Get kidZos Use English Vehicles Communication / Research

    You are an inventor, and your task is to think up …

  • Job Information Center

    Job Information Center
    Get kidZos Receive a service Mechanics Communication / Research Customer service

    As a Customer, discuss the best fit careers, and a…

  • Magic Studio

    Magic Studio
    Get kidZos Use English Adults can join Entertainment

    Kids are the stars as they wow the audience with s…

  • Milk House

    Milk House
    Get kidZos Use English Food / Drink Communication / Research

    Milk Food Marketers plan and develop new dairy pro…

  • Newspaper Edition

    Newspaper Edition
    Get kidZos Mechanics Communication / Research

    News is happening all over KidZania and it is up t…

  • Parade

    Get kidZos Adults can join Entertainment

    Join the "Sweeping Parade" at the end of the day i…

  • Pencil Factory

    Pencil Factory
    Get kidZos Mechanics Communication / Research

    Experience making high quality pencils! Using a ma…

  • Pizza Shop

    Pizza Shop
    Get kidZos Use English Food / Drink

    Creating a hand-made pizza masterpiece is all in a…

  • Police Department

    Police Department
    Get kidZos Use English Public service

    Police Officers investigate crimes and collect evi…