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The KidZania Koshien official website (hereinafter called 'Site') is operated by KCJ GROUP INC. By accessing the Site, users agree to be bound to all of the terms and conditions below. If you cannot agree to these terms, we ask that you not use the Site.

Prohibition of Resale

1. Commercial value derived from admission reservations is prohibited and such cases are punishable by law.

The transfer of any reservation information or admission privileges to KidZania Koshien obtained from the Site to a third party for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Resale at a higher price of reservation information or admission privileges obtained on the Site is not allowed via auction or other methods.

2. The following actions are not allowed when using the Site

  1. 1.Impersonating a third party, or using false addresses, names, etc.
  2. 2.Violating laws or regulations, or engaging in illegal acts
  3. 3.Using or spreading harmful programs or computer viruses
  4. 4.Damaging the functionality of the Site or the operation of KidZania

3. Users determined to be in violation of terms and conditions listed here may be denied the issuing of tickets, entrance to KidZania, and future access to the Site. In such cases, no refunds of any kind will be issued.

Content Use Restriction

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Trademarks and Logos etc.

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