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Valentine 2016

February 5th (Fri) ` February 14th (Sunj
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Letfs enjoy KidZania Valentine 2016!

Valentine 2016
Seasonal Pavilion: Chocolate House

Make hot chocolate pudding with milk chocolate.
You can eat it while it's hot.

Duration 30 min.
Place Event Space (2F-79 on the City Map)
Capacity 6
KidZos -10 KidZos
  • This activity can be registered for KidZania Club Members.
  • Birthday Cards or Eco Stickers cannot be applied to this activity.



Valentine Special Activities

Enjoy Valentine Special Activities at 13 pavilions!

Valentine Special Price for 2nd Shift Reservations

Enjoy 2nd shift for 3 days at a special price!
Early reservation is recommended.

Dates 2nd Shift (16:00-21:00) on February 8th (Mon), 9th (Tue) and 10th (Wed)

Entrance Fee (Tax not included)

Children (3~15) ¥2,000
Adults (16 and overj ¥1,000
Seniors (60 and overj ¥500
8% tax will be added to listed prices.
  • Star Flex Passes or other discount tickets cannot be applied.
    EAP will not be conducted during these shifts.

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