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Let's talk in English!!

Date: Wednesday, November 16, 2016 16:00`21:00
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English, everyone, everywhere!? Enjoy KidZania all in English!

Let's talk in English!!

We will open Let's talk in English!! for kids that want to use more English and try communicating in English! Use English at the Airport Counter, when making reservations, ordering food, or even when asking directions!


  • E@K Activity
  • You can do activities all in English from beginning to end.
  • Staff will use English at the Airport Counter when you check in.
  • You can use English when you order food, ask directions and more.
  • You can enjoy English conversation and games at the “Club K”.
    Communicate in English with our global staff!
  • All kids can get a KidZania original present.
    *Moreover, you can get a special present if you bring the ‘JOB Schedule Card’ from ‘English Wednesday Plus!’ held on July 6, 2016.

We may use Japanese to check kids’ allergies for safety.

Let’s learn some useful phrases beforehand to help communicate in English

  • Check in at the Airport Counter

  • Look at the 'City Map' and go to the pavilion that you want to do!

  • Make a reservation in English!

  • Try E@K Activities!

  • Order food in English!

Fee (Base Price)

Preschool (3 and over) 3,250~
Primary School 3,550~
Jr. High School 3,650~
Adults (16 and over) 1,750~
Seniors (60 and Over) 850~

Tax not included.

Junior High School kids can enter without adults.

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