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Stamp Rally & Bonus KidZos for Children's Day

Dates: Friday, April 29, 2016 - Sunday, May 8, 2016
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Let’s have fun at KidZania Golden Week 2016

Stamp Rally & Bonus KidZos for Children's Day
Stamp Rally ~Learn About Kids' Rights!~

Find rally points and complete missions to collect KidZania character stamps.
You can get a KidZania original sticker when you complete all the missions.

*Further details will be provided on the Job Schedule Card.

Kids' Rights

Please use the information below as a clue to complete the missions.

*Click here for Kids’ Rights details.

The Right - "To Be"

The power to be self-determining, unique and free in harmony among mankind.

The Right - "To Know"

The capacity to be curious and experimental when educating oneself.

To Right -"To Care"

The responsibility to be supportive and protective of the environment around oneself.

To Right-"To Play"

The ability to be playful, participatory, and fulfilled in life.

To Right -"To Share"

The benefit to be generous and thoughtful to oneself and to others.

To Right -"To Create"

The faculty to be innovational, to dream up new things, and discover original ideas.

Limited Service on Thursday, May 5, 2016 ~Bonus KidZo Day~

You can get bonus kidZos on Children's Day! Come and enjoy many activities!

Bonus KidZos

(Normal: 5 kidZos)⇒ 10kidZos (Normal: 8kidZos)⇒ 10kidZos

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