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Grand Opening: New Pavilions 2019!

Date: Various
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New Pavilions 2019

Grand Opening: New Pavilions 2019!

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Join one of the newest jobs as a Police Officer, Pasta Chef, Glass Factory Staff or Game Creator!

Police Department

Investigate and solve a case at the Police Department!

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Date: From Wednesday, November 27, 2019 (2nd Shift)

As a Police Officer, you must protect the peace of the city. In order to enter the Analysis Area, you will need to register and pass through the facial recognition system.

Pasta Stand

Make delicious pasta dishes!

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Date: From Tuesday, December 17, 2019 (2nd Shift)

As a Pasta Chef, deepen your knowledge and learn techniques to cook delicious pasta. Convey the charm of pasta with recipes that customers can eat and enjoy.

Recently Opened Pavilions

Glass Factory

Learn about the production of glass and mirrors!

As a Glass Factory Worker, learn how glass and mirrors are made and used, then use what you have learned to make your own sample mirror! Come and experience how much fun manufacturing glass can be!

Game Company

Develop a game controller!

Work as a Game Creator and use various items to make a special game controller of your choice. Come and experience an interesting job that helps build creativity!

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