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KidZania Halloween 2015

From October 1 (Thu) to October 31 (Sat)
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Enjoy the special activities and events during the Halloween Season!

KidZania Halloween 2015

Enjoy an exciting Halloween in KidZania!

Special Activity: Halloween Art Activity From October 1 (Thu) to October 31 (Sat)

※Actual item will differ

You can color special Halloween drawings.
Place: Event space next to the Job Information Center (City Map 1F-29)
Capacity:6 kids
Fee: Free

  • You can enjoy the activity in English during the following dates as part of "English Wednesday!" and the "Halloween Party".
    1st Shift and 2nd Shift: October 7 (Wed), 14 (Wed), 21 (Wed) and 28 (Wed)
    2nd Shift: October 4 (Sun), 11 (Sun), 18 (Sun), 25 (Sun) and from 29 (Thu) to 31 (Sat)
  • KidZania Club Members can get an activity record.

Sponsored by Mitsubishi Pencil

Halloween Special Activity

Enjoy Halloween Special Activities at many pavilions!

Halloween Party

We will hold a Halloween Party during the 2nd shift on every Sunday and the last 3 days of October. Join the Halloween Party while wearing your costume and get a special Halloween pin!
Time and Dates: Only during the 2nd shifts on October 4 (Sun)・11 (Sun)・18 (Sun)・25 (Sun)・29 (Thu) ・30 (Fri) ・31 (Sat)


※Actual item will differ

Kids that dress up in Halloween costumes can get a special Halloween pin!
※Limited to the "Halloween Party" event days.

Halloween Parade

※Actual activity will differ

Join the Halloween Parade!

  • Place:In the Theater (Map1F-11)
  • KZ:+8KidZos
  • Capacity:30 kids

Halloween Mask Workshop

※Actual item will differ

You can make your own mask. Then you can wear your mask during the Halloween Parade!

  • Place:The event space next to the Job Information Center (Map1F-29)
  • Fee:Free
  • Capacity: 4 kids

Sponsored by Mitsubishi Pencil

Scouting Cameraman

The KidZania Cameraman will scout for kids with outstanding costumes in KidZania and take pictures. The pictures will be sold in special Halloween photo frames. You can search through the pictures to buy them.

  • Price ¥1,200 (Tax included) per picture (2L size)~

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