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Photo Service

Get professional pictures of your Kids in action!

About the Photo Service

Look for the Photo Mark that indicates pavilions with professional photographers.
Available pavilions change daily. Check each day's shooting list next to the Photo Service.

Pictures can be taken by request. Simply notify a KidZania staff member or one of the professional photographers walking around the park.

Buying Photos

Photos will be printed and displayed near the exit area. Browse the photo panels to find your Kids. Once you have chosen the pictures you wish to purchase, please take the photos to the dedicated cash register next to the National Store.

Display Times
[1st Shift]12:00pm - 3:10pm
[2nd Shift]6:00pm - 9:10pm
※Photos are only available on the day of your visit. Cash only; credit cards or electronic money are not accepted.


(tax inc.)
Large A4
(tax inc.)
City Clock Large A4
With Musical Frame
(tax inc.)
Includes a special commemorative frame.
※Siblings will be photographed together. Other group photos by request.

Sticker Service

Turn any picture into a set of printed stickers.

(tax inc.)

Calendar Service

Create an original KidZania Calendar photo.

Photo Calendar
(tax inc.)

Key Holder Service

Get a key holder with your favorite picture.

Key Holder
(tax inc.)

Button Badge Service

Make a fun button badge pin that you can wear.

Button Badge
(60mm diameter)
(tax inc.)

Photo Card Service

Get a special photo card for different activities.

Photo Card
(tax inc.)