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Getting 120% Out of Your Visit

Here are some tips to help you have a great day!

Think ahead about the activities you want to do.

With nearly 100 activities, there are lots of things to do at KidZania!
If you plan ahead, you should be able to do between 5 and 10 activities. Be sure to check out the map of KidZania to familiarize yourself with the places you most want to visit.

Check the Information Boards!

Information Boards are located at the front of all pavilions. They include the name of the pavilion, jobs you can do, kidZos you can make, and more data about the activity. Look for general information about waiting times as well. Also, our friendly staff will provide answers for any questions you have. Also feel free to visit the Information Desk if you have questions or concerns.

Visit the Bank Early!

At the Bank, you can use your Traveler's Cheque or earned kidZos to open your own bank account*. You will get a wallet and a real cash card to use at the ATMs throughout KidZania.

KidZo ATMs are for withdrawing kidZos or checking your balance. To deposit kidZos into your account, please visit the Bank. Also, you can keep your kidZos in your account until your next visit to KidZania!

Because the Bank often becomes very crowded during the last 30 minutes of each shift**, we recommend visiting early, during your free time (eg. While waiting for a reserved activity).

*Only one account per Kid.

**The Bank closes promptly at 3:00pm (1st Shift) and 9:00pm (2nd Shift).

Don't know what to do? Visit the Job Information Center!

If you are wondering how to spend your day, check out the Job Information Center. In addition to general information about all the the things to do, you can get recommendations that interest you.

Use your time wisely, try a Part-time Job!

Some of the most popular pavilions at KidZania have jobs that you can complete in about 15 minutes. These part-time jobs help you use free time in a fun way, and you will make 3 kidZos for your work*. Ask at pavilions, or head to the Job Information Center or the Information Desk for a complete listing of the day's Part-time Jobs.

*Part-time jobs do not include wearing a uniform or receiving a Job Card.

Shop at the Department Store early!

The Department Store is where you get to enjoy spending the kidZos you have earned. Lots of things are for sale: stationary, toys, sports equipment, even a telescope. Prices range from 50 and 30,000 kidZos. To give yourself plenty of time to browse, visit early; the Department Store gets very busy during the last hour of each shift!

Get an e-KidZo card to pay electronically!

Get an e-KidZo card and charge it up with the kidZos you earn. It's a fun way to use your money electronically around the city. Just look for the e-KidZo sticker!

Want to know how much money you have on your e-KidZo card? Use the Balance Checker terminals inside KidZania, and you could have the chance to win a 3-kidZo Gift Voucher.

Collect Eco Stickers!

All Guests who enter KidZania receive a City Map to help them get around. If you already have a map from a previous visit, tell us that you don't want a map, and we will give you a sticker instead. Collect three Eco Stickers and you can do one paid activity without using kidZos. It's free!

Celebrate your birthday!

Visit KidZania Koshien during the month of your birthday and we will give you a special Birthday Card. Present this card at paid activities and you get to do it for free*!
Also, you can collect Birthday Wishes from all around the city!

To get your Birthday Card, go to the Information Desk and tell us your name, your birth date and your age.

*The Birthday Card benefit cannot be applied for shopping at the Department Store or for any paid special event.