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What can Kids do?

3 Things to Get You Started

Your Traveler's Cheque for 50 kidZos

The official local currency of KidZania is the "kidZo". To get your visit started right, you will get a Traveler's Cheque worth 50 kidZos. You can use this money right away at any activity that costs kidZos. If you don't have enough money, you can do a job that will pay you more. Open an account at the Bank and save your kidZos for future visits to KidZania.

The City Map will show you the way!

Open your City Map and you will see the many choices you have. There are over 60 pavilions at KidZania Koshien spread over two floors. When you find an activity you want to do, look for either a "+Z" mark to show a job where you can earn kidZos, or a "-Z" mark where you have to use kidZos.

Use Your Job Schedule Card!

Your Job Schedule Card is your main tool for reserving activities and keeping track of all the things you do during your visit. Use it throughout the day to find out which activities have taken a professional picture of you!

Getting Started

1.Kids get a Job Schedule Card upon entering. All Kids should keep this card with them at all times.

2.When you find an activity you want to try, give your Job Schedule Card to the staff at the reception area for each pavilion.

→ If there is space available in the next activity, take a seat and wait.

→ If there is no space available, the staff will tell you what time the next available activity starts. If you choose to reserve the activity, make sure to return by the specified time. While you wait, you can relax, eat or, if you have enough time, do another activity with a short wait time.

※Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis until all spaces are filled for the day, at which time, the line will be closed.


※You can only make 1 reservation at a time. Your next reservation can only be made after you complete your first reserved activity.

※You cannot request a specific reservation time. Only reservations for the next available activity will be accepted.


1.8:30am: Enter KidZania Koshien

2.Go to the Soft Cream Shop to make a reservation for a 10:00am activity.

3.8:50am: Join the line at the Police Station. First activity starts at 9:00am.

4.9:35am: Finish the activity at the Police Station.

5.Return to the Soft Cream Shop. Meet the activity staff at 10:00am. Your reserved activity starts approximately in 10mins.

6.After the Soft Cream Shop, make a new reservation at the Dental Clinic.

7.Because there is plenty of time, join the line at the TV Station.