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English Wednesday!

Experience activities in English all day!

English Wednesday! is a weekly program on Wednesdays with E@K Activities as its core feature, along with utilizing English while waiting for activities. Be sure to schedule an opportunity to come and enjoy the global atmosphere at KidZania Koshien!

E@K Activity

Activities at many Pavilions are done completely in English. There are over 40 E@K Activities on English Wednesday! View those Pavilions here.

Global Navigator

During breaks between activities, speak English with one of our Global Navigators roaming the park. When you see a Navigator wearing a blue polo shirt, be sure to say hello and ask them where they're from! They come from various countries around the world and are great to talk to about the best way to enjoy the KidZania experience.

※KidZania welcomes Guests from around the world. Therefore, those who do not speak English can also enjoy English Wednesday! activities.

※Places such as the National Store and Food Court restaurants will gladly speak Japanese when dealing with any customers who want service in Japanese.

※The number of Pavilions using English may vary due to various circumstances.