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KidZania Story

Do you know the story of how KidZania was born?Everything that you see in the city, including the flags, the icons and the characters you meet, was inspired by this story. Get to know the history of KidZania so you can have even more fun the next time you visit.

Kids stand up to make a better world!

There was a time when many people had lost faith.
But then the kids of the world stood up.
They said, "We can't wait anymore!
We can make this a better world!"

If there were a place where kids could think and act independently from adults, the world would be better.
The kids came together and envisioned a real world made perfect, a world that was "the place" where kids played the main role.

Rights are Defined

Kids established a set of rights that would be there to guide them in achieving their goals, like points on a compass.

The rights defined by kids are:
The right "TO BE", the right "TO KNOW", the right "TO CARE", the right "TO SHARE", the right "TO CREATE" and the right "TO PLAY".

Under these rights, kids promised to make a better world.

And this is how KidZania - the land for the kids and by the kids - was born.
The right "TO BE"

The power to be self-determining, unique and free in harmony among mankind.

The right "TO KNOW"

The capacity to be curious and experimental when educating oneself.

The right "TO CARE"

The responsibility to be supportive and protective of the environment around oneself.

The right "TO PLAY"

The ability to be playful, participatory, and fulfilled in life.

The right "TO SHARE"

The benefit to be generous and thoughtful to oneself and to others.

The right "TO CREATE"

The faculty to be innovational, to dream up new things, and discover original ideas.

The Nation is Named: KidZania

The etymology of the name KidZania was created by combining the word "kid", which is short for the German word "kinder", with the Latin suffix "ania", meaning "land of", and adding the letter "Z" to infuse the two meanings with a fun, zany quality. KidZania has the perfect meaning: Land of Cool Kids

The orange color represents the problems of the world created by adults, while the red color represents the spirit and conviction of kids to change those issues. The capital letter "K" in white appearing in the middle of the KidZania flag represents the hope and purity of spirit brought by kids.

National Seal

Since its use in the Declaration of Independence, the National Seal has been used in many important KidZania documents.

If you look carefully at the design, you will see that the 6 rights of kids are represented as a compass. The national seal is a very important symbol that expresses the sovereignty and ideals of KidZania.

Independence Fountain

Independence Fountain was constructed to celebrate freedom from the adult world. A replica of the Declaration of Independence can be found at the center of the fountain. Independence Fountain is in every KidZania around the world as a source of pride and inspiration to the founding nation.

KidZ CongreZZ

In order for KidZania to continuously evolve and develop, "KidZ CongreZZ" was established.

In KidZ CongreZZ, actions are taken in order to make the city of KidZania even better. When kids have problems in the city, the members of KidZ CongreZZ survey the location, talk to other kids, and make recommendations to improve the services and operation of KidZania.

Each year, a new group of KidZ CongreZZ members are selected to participate in all meetings and discussions.

KidZania RightZKeepers

Five remarkable characters collectively express the ideal values deemed most important to KidZania. They are the city's most celebrated residents.

Together, they are entrusted with the right "TO BE" and they represent all kids living freely and enjoying life.

Name: Urbano
Entrusted Right: "TO KNOW"

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 23rd of April
Age: 9
Personality: fun / witty / talented / honest / confident
Hobbies: soccer / F1 racing / video games / watching SF movies / reading SF books.

Name: Vita
Entrusted Right: "TO CARE"

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 5th of June
Age: 7
Personality: nature lover / healthy eater / dreamy / playful / sweet
Hobbies: gardening / cooking / swimming / figure skating / watching romantic movies

Name: Bache
Entrusted Right: "TO PLAY"

Date of birth: 28th of May
Age: 2
Personality: daredevil / cool / fun / faithful / sleepy
Hobbies: eating pizza with lots of cheese / bowling / making magic tricks / wrestling

Name: Chika
Entrusted Right: "TO SHARE"

Gender: Female
Date of birth: 30th of July
Age: 10
Personality: easy going / thoughtful / stylish / cheerful / open-minded
Hobbies: texting / making new friends / shopping / watching animated movies / modeling

Name: Beebop
Entrusted Right: "TO CREATE"

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 25th of October
Age: 10
Personality: relaxed / friendly / creative / music-lover / quiet
Hobbies: playing the bass guitar / composing comic books / drawing / fishing / skateboarding

The Music of KidZania

As you walk around the city, listen for the songs that convey the KidZania spirit!

KidZania National Anthem

This song conveys the "Spirit of KidZania" and is played when a new city is born. You will also hear it at special events and anniversary ceremonies.

KidZania Forever

Everyone sings and dances together at the beginning of the day. You will hear this melody in many places around the city.

Farewell Song

When it is time to say goodbye at the end of the day, this song reminds us that we will see each other again soon.