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Safety and Security Measures

Ensuring peace of mind for all Guests

1. Safety Conscious Design

KidZania Koshien is a place where Kids play the main role. To create the best environment for discovery, everything is just the right size to be used by Kids. With a total floor area of about 6000 sqm and more than 60 pavilions, there is plenty of space to explore and find activities that suit each Kid best.

2. Grouping System

At the time that you and your group are admitted, you will be issued a Visa Holder that indicates the number of Adults and Kids that you enter the park with. This record will be cross-checked when it is time to leave. Your group must exit the park with all of the members that were present when you entered. Kids are never allowed to leave the park unaccompanied.

3. Zupervisors Throughout

Each job and activity is led by a qualified staff member called a "Zupervisor". Zupervisors guide Kids through each step of their task, providing the right balance of independence and attention to ensure a fun, safe experience.

4. First Aid On Duty

In the unlikely event that a Guest needs medical attention, a qualified Nurse is on duty at all times. Should you have any health concerns, do not hesitate to visit First Aid for consultation.

5. Security Measures

Our top priority is ensuring the security and safety of our Guests. We have a number of elements at work to be certain that your visit will be comfortable and secure.

・Baggage Inspection
All Guest baggage is inspected prior to entering the park in order to prevent the presence of hazardous items.

・Gated Entry and Exit Points
To prevent unauthorized entry or exit, all gates are monitored or locked.

・Security Monitors
Security cameras are placed throughout the park only to provide a complete video record in the event of misconduct or crime. Data is later erased.

・Security Personnel
Guards and Patrolmen constantly circulate throughout the facility.

・Hygiene and Food Safety
The most stringent measures of precaution, prevention and quality control are in place in all food preparation areas.

・Emergency Drills
Regular fire and earthquake training is conducted for employees, and all emergency equipment is systematically inspected and ready for use.