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Special Christmas Activities!

Dates: Tuesday December 1st, 2015 ~ Friday December 25th, 2015
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Enjoy Christmas activities for the holidays!

Special Christmas Activities!
  • Wedding Ceremony

    Participate in a candle light ceremony.

  • Eco Shop

    Create a Christmas version of recycled soap.

  • Food R&D Center

    Use a festive container with a Christmas design.

  • Soft Cream Shop

    Make a strawberry flavored soft cream cone.

  • Courier Service

    Pick up and deliver Christmas gifts.

  • Department Store

    Display Christmas gifts in the window and decorate a Christmas Tree.

  • Beauty Salon

    Use limited edition cosmetics and nail color.

  • City Clock

    Dance and tell the time to a fun Christmas song.

  • Milk House

    Develop and decorate a Christmas cheesecake.

In addition to the pavilions above, you will also have Christmas fun at the City Tour Bus, Securities Company, Newspaper Edition, Shopping Alley (Flower Shop, Stamp Shop and Art Supply Shop), Radio Station and more!

Allergy Information

  • For complete allergy information for the Food R&D Center, Soft Cream Shop, and Milk House, click here.

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