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Kids Working Holiday in KidZania Singapore Report

Dates:Tuesday, March 28, 2017 to Friday, March 31, 2017
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Let’s go to KidZania Singapore!

Kids Working Holiday in KidZania Singapore Report

Kids with global aspirations participated in "Kids Working Holiday in KidZania Singapore" with our support. Six kids were selected from a large number of applicants. Here is their tour report.

From Tokyo it was about six and a half hours by plane to Singapore Changi Airport、KidZania Singapore is located south of Singapore on Sentosa Island, about 30 minutes by car from the airport.

At KidZania Singapore, excitement builds as you see the full-wing fuselage suspended above the entrance from the 2nd floor. Security bracelets are attached to you at the entrance counter! An entrance set of 20 kidZos and a bank card are received. If you visit the Bank in your free time and register your name, age, etc for your bank card, you’ll receive an extra 30 kidZos in your account. Practice your English during the registration!

Activities such as Aviation Academy and Candy Shop use a reservation process. No other role-play establishments can be reserved. (As of March 2017) Go directly to a role-play establishment of your interest and participate in your chosen role-play activity. For a soccer game at the Stadium, you must wait until a certain number of people gather in order to play the game. Before doing Mountaineering School, and Climbing Building, you must go to the Insurance Office to purchase an insurance with your kidZos. By re-using the hairnet you received at the first Activity in other role-play activities, you will receive 1 kidZo either in cash or bank transfer through your bank card. Activities that require you to pay kidZos can be paid for in cash or through the bank card too. Your account balance can be checked at iKIOSK inside KidZania Singapore.

※ At KidZania Singapore, the amount of (-) kidZos, and (+) kidZos are set differently per role-play establishment. Regardless of whether it is performing work or receiving services, be aware of costs!

So with no further delay, let’s introduce the recommended Establishments of this tour’s members.
※Grade levels are as of March 2017.

Yuina recommendations! (5th grade girl)
  • 1.Aviation Academy

    Flying with the help of a partner is cool!

  • 2.Ice Cream Factory

    Using a replica ice-cream making machine makes it easy to understand how ice cream is made!

  • 3.Peranakan Museum

    Touching Peranakan culture was a valuable experience!

Kuuchan recommendations! (5th grade boy)
  • 1.Soup Kitchen

    Eating bread with soup is delicious!

  • 2.Mountaineering School

    Get insurance and have a challenging and thrilling experience!

  • 3.Stadium

    You can get along great with anyone you sweat together with!

Kokona recommendations! (6th grade girl)
  • 1.Mountaineering School

    The refreshing feeling of accomplishment is wonderful!

  • 2.Peranakan Museum

    Learn to work in a museum and all about Peranakan culture at the same time!

  • 3.Stadium

    You can interact through sports without knowing the language!

Kimutaku recommendations! (6th grade boy)
  • 1.Soup Kitchen

    It’s interesting to make it and feel like a chef!

  • 2.Convenience Store

    Organize the product displays and practice your English while serving customers in English!

  • 3.Water Quality

    Work as a team to purify the water!

Kotori recommendations! (8th grade girl)
  • 1.City Clock

    Smile and dance for the world!

  • 2.Stadium

    Even though languages are different, a pass connects them!

  • 3.Imaging Academy

    You can take photos while learning the meaning of the different KidZania monuments!

Ken recommendations! (8th grade boy)
  • 1.Film Studio

    Produce video and practice your English!

  • 2.Aviation Academy

    It’s a challenge to land perfectly on the runway!

  • 3.Stadium

    Talk with teammates in English. Being the goalie is also fun!

All of you please try challenging yourself to refer recommendations also!

When finished working you should stop by the bank to withdraw the kidZos earned. The kidZos received at KidZania Singapore can be used at KidZania Tokyo, KidZania Koshien, and all KidZania Cities around the world. You can purchase the photos taken during work experiences at the Photo Booth using Singapore dollars. By holding your bracelet up to the monitor you can request photos taken of anyone who entered together in your group, which is convenient. At KidZania Shops, you can purchase souvenirs exclusive to KidZania Singapore such as cookies, keychains, magnets and other items using Singapore dollars.

Also, as a special working holiday project, we conducted a questionnaire on the theme of "What are you interested in Japan?" for guests and supervisors at KidZania Singapore. We collected answers from 100 people on 16 categories such as Japanese food, martial arts, traditional culture, kimono, etc. No.1 answer was Japanese food, No.2 was the 4 seasons, and No.3 was sightseeing. Sushi was particularly popular for Japanese food. Also, since Singapore’s climate is like Japan’s summer all year long, it’s understandable that people yearn for 4 seasons, especially winter. Since people in Singapore have a big interest in Japan, the desire to introduce them to more about Japan was felt. From how to enjoy winter to seasonal Japanese food besides sushi, it’s great it can be explained using English!

Singapore sightseeing recommendations!


In Singapore, you can eat a variety of cuisines, mainly Malay, Chinese, and Indian dishes, in a food court called "Hawkers" which is similar to a Japanese food stalls at festivals. It’s a challenge to order everything in English!

River Cruise

We boarded a boat to enjoy the night view of Singapore. You can see Marina Bay Sands, Merlion, and more from the boat. We enjoyed the illuminated and stylish architecture!

Night Safari

Take a tram and explore the rainforest! There are no cages or fences, so you can see the animals up close. While walking (trail walking), we also saw otters, slow loris, and civet cats at close range.

Gardens by the Bay “Cloud Forest”

In Singapore’s year round summer this is a greenhouse which reproduces the cold Alpine mountains. The 35 meter waterfall flowing from the mountain is very impressive! At the base it is chilly and cold. Take the elevator up 6 floors to stroll around and feel like you’re mountaineering. There is also an exhibition concentrated on global warming.

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