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KidZania Halloween 2016

Dates: October 28 (Friday) to October 31 (Monday)
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KidZania Tokyo's Halloween Party!

KidZania Halloween 2016

Kids and Adults are bringing their costumes to join in the fun! We have exclusive Halloween arts & crafts, games, and activities in English for a limited time only! All participants receive a prize or will be making something they can keep!

Halloween Parade

Join the KidZania characters and march around KidZania together in Halloween costumes! The Halloween Parade will feature a special Halloween dance and various costumes provided to kids! Kids can also bring their own costume to wear in the parade. Join the parade and earn kidzos plus a limited edition Halloween Performer Job Card!

Dates Friday October 28 to Monday October 31
Times [1st Shift] 13:15〜13:50 / [2nd Shift] 19:25〜20:00
Location Theater
Participants 30 Kids
Salary 8 kidZos
Halloween Photo Opportunity
  • Souvenir Photo Booth

    Try on a costume and take a professional photo with your family! A green screen will be used to create a special Halloween background! Up to 4 people of your family or friends can join the photo together and photos are available for purchase (¥1,700)!

  • Scout Cameraman

    If you are wearing your own costume one of our professional photographers will approach you while walking around KidZania and offer to take your photo. These photos can be purchased (¥1,200)!

Souvenir Photo BoothScout Cameraman
Dates Friday October 28 to Monday October 31 October 31st
Times [1st Shift] 9:00 ~ 14:45
[2nd Shift] 16:00 ~ 20:45
[1st Shift] 9:00 ~ 14:45
[2nd Shift] 16:00 ~ 20:45
Location In Front of Theater Around KidZania
Halloween Arts & Crafts / Halloween Games

Halloween Arts & Crafts

Make various Halloween themed handmade items!

Dates Friday October 28 to Monday October 31
Location In Front of Theater
Participants 6 Kids
  • Halloween Wreath
    Make a wreath featuring bats, witches, and pumpkins. Use it as a Halloween decoration in your home!
  • Times [1st Shift] 11:00~ / 11:30~ / [2nd Shift] 17:00~ / 17:30~
    Length 30 minutes
  • Halloween Mask
    Create a colorful mask featuring your own original design. Use colored pens and various accessories to attach to the mask and wear it for Halloween!
  • Times [1st Shift] 12:00~ / 12:30~ / [2nd Shift] 18:00~ / 18:30~
    Length 30 minutes
  • Lollipop Spider
    Use a delicious lollipop and pipe cleaners to create a cute Halloween spider! Once you learn how to make it, you can make more at home!
Times [1st Shift] 13:00~ / 13:20~ / 13:40~ / 14:00~ / 14:20~ / 14:40~
[2nd Shift] 19:00~ / 19:20~ / 19:40~ / 20:00~ / 20:20~ / 20:40~
Length 20 minutes

Halloween Games

  • Skeleton Scramble
    Race to build a skeleton bone by bone to get a prize!
Dates Friday October 28 to Monday October 31
Times [1st Shift] 11:00 ~ 15:00 / [2nd Shift] 17:00 ~ 21:00
Location In Front of Theater
Participants 1~4 Kids
Trick or Treat Rally

You will receive a Trick or Treat Rally Card if you enter KidZania on Halloween day. Use the hints on the card to search KidZania for Halloween character posters, and when you find them, stamp your Trick or Treat Rally Card. Then, when you reach the Goal, be sure to say "Trick or Treat" to receive candy!

Date October 31st only!
Times [1st Shift] 12:00 ~ 15:00 / [2nd Shift] 18:00 ~ 21:00
Halloween Pavilions

The following Pavilions will include a Halloween activity theme for a limited time only! Halloween will be incorporated into the job scenario!

  • Milk House / Soft Cream Shop / Newspaper Edition / Beauty Salon / City Tour Bus / Radio Station / Flower Shop
Date Friday October 28 to Monday October 31
Times [1st Shift] 9:00 ~ 15:00 / [2nd Shift] 16:00 ~ 21:00

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