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2nd Junior Challenge Japan (JCJ) - Reserve Now!

Reserve your spot at gJunior Challenge Japanh, a special night for Jr. High students to be inspired by the legacy of the famous historical figure named Sakamoto Ryoma.

2nd Junior Challenge Japan (JCJ) - Reserve Now!

Date: Saturday March 12th, 2016, 4:00pm to 9:00pm

Why Sakamoto Ryoma?

Population growth, climate change, food sustainability and many other worldwide problems complicate the future, while Japan faces a declining birthrate, an aging society and a struggling economy. These challenges need to be addressed and solved by the Jr. High Kids of today who will become the next generation of leaders, thinkers and innovators over the coming 20 to 30 years. Join us at KidZania Tokyo for a special night of events to help you meet the challenges of a global, diverse and socially aware future. Let's make the world a better place for all.

Special JCJ Activities and Programs

Upgraded Activities

The following activities will be upgraded to Jr. High Versions

Activities in English

  • Airplane
  • Banana House
  • Barber Shop
  • Bottling Plant
  • Business Card Shop
  • City Clock
  • Commercial Studio
  • Courier Service
  • Dental Clinic
  • Department Store
  • Eco Shop
  • Fire Department
  • Food R&D Center
  • Glasses Shop
  • Hospital (Nursery)
  • Invention Workshop
  • Milk House
  • Pen Shop
  • Pizza Shop
  • Printing Company
  • Publishing Company
  • Shopping Alley (Art Supply Shop)
  • Shopping Alley (Flower Shop)
  • Soft Cream Shop
  • Sweets Factory
  • Veterinary Clinic (Pet Care)
  • Watercolors Shop

Activities in Japanese

  • Beauty Salon
  • City Tour Bus
  • Energy Company
  • Hospital
  • KidZania Forest
  • Newspaper Edition
  • Police Department
  • Radio Station
  • Science Lab
  • Shopping Alley (Stamp Shop)
  • Subway
  • Veterinary Clinic

Special Programs

  • Pilot Workshop


    Duration: About 45 minutes

  • new!Nutrition Seminar

    DONQ Co., LTD

    Time: 4:00pm`@4:45pm`@5:30pm`@7:00pm`@7:45pm`
    Duration: About 35 minutes

  • Food Service Work


    Time: 4:00pm~ 4:40pm~ 5:20pm~ 6:00pm~ 6:40pm~ 7:20pm~
    Duration: About 40 minutes

  • new!Food Education Seminar


    Time: 4:30pm`@5:20pm`@6:10pm`@7:00pm`@7:50pm`
    Duration: About 35 minutes

  • Entrepreneur Seminar

    Cooperation: Global Labo (NY) President George Itagoshi

    Time: 5:10pm` 6:00pm` 6:45pm` 7:30pm`
    Duration: About 30 minutes

  • Global Environment Seminar

    Lecturer: Prof. Shin-ichi Takemura from Kyoto University of Art & Design

    Time: 4:30pm~
    Duration: About 45 minutes

  • new!Virtual Reality Program

    NTT DOCOMO, Inc.

    Time: 4:00pm to 8:30pm
    Duration: About 35 minutes

  • new!Advanced Security Seminar


    Time: 4:10pm`@5:00pm`@5:50pm`@7:00pm`@7:50pm`
    Duration: About 30 minutes

  • INMOTION Vehicle Technology Presentation

    Cooperation: EntreX Incorporated

    Time: 4:30pm to 8:30pm
    Duration: About 10 minutes

  • iPhone Application Programming

    Cooperation: Life Is Tech, Inc.

    Time: 4:00pm~ 5:10pm~ 6:25pm~ 7:35pm~
    Duration: About 60 minutes

  • Drone Operation Experience

    Cooperation: Parrot Japan

    Time: 4:00pm to 8:30pm
    Duration: About 20 minutes

  • English Only Zone

    Time: 5:00pm to 7:30pm
    Duration: Open Participation

  • Professional Shogi Player Challenge

    Lecturer: Shingo Ito Godan and Shin-ichi Sato Godan.

    Time: 4:00pm to 8:00pm
    Duration: About 20 minutes

  • Zen Meditation

    Lecturer: Daiganji Kuruba Shiryu

    Time: 4:00pm~ 4:40pm~ 5:20pm~ 6:00pm~ 6:40pm~ 7:20pm~
    Duration: About 30 minutes

  • Flower Arrangement

    Lecturer: Master Sogetsuryu Jusho Yamaguchi and Zuisho Hirano

    Time: 4:00pm~ 4:45pm ~ 5:30pm ~ 6:15pm~
    Duration:About 30 minutes

  • Mikoshi

    Time: 5:15pm~
    Duration: About 15 minutes

  • Secrets of Fermentation

    Cooperation: Japan Fermentation Cultural Association

    4:00pm~ 4:40pm~ 5:20pm~ 6:00pm~ 7:00pm~ 7:40pm~ 8:20pm~
    Duration: About 20 minutes

  • DIY Workshop

    Cooperation: DIY FACTORY

    Time: 4:00pm` 4:45pm` 5:30pm` 6:30pm` 7:15pm` 8:00pm`
    Duration: About 30 minutes

  • Professional Musician Challenge

    Cooperation: Premium Concert

    Time: 8:00pm~
    Duration: About 40 minutes

  • World Dance Class


    Time: 4:30pm~ 5:30pm~ 7:00pm~ 8:00pm~
    Duration: About 30 minutes

  • Travel Agent Work

    JTB Group

    Time: 4:15pm~ 5:05pm~ 5:55pm~ 7:00pm~ 7:50pm~
    Duration: About 40 minutes

  • Securities Company Work

    Daiwa Securities Group

    Time: 5:00pm~ 6:00pm~
    Duration: About 40 minutes

  • The Future World of Work

    Recruit Career Co., Ltd.

    Time: 4:15pm~ 5:10pm~ 6:00pm~ 7:00pm~ 8:00pm~
    Duration: About 40 minutes

  • Waraiku Workshop

    Shochiku Geino

    Time: 6:45pm~
    Duration: About 45 minutes

  • The Future of Subways

    Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.

    Time: 4:30pm~ 5:30pm~ 6:30pm~
    Duration: About 40 minutes

  • Communication Skill Development

    Cooperation: MS & Consulting Co., Ltd.

    Time: 4:30pm~ 5:15pm~ 6:05pm~ 6:50pm~
    Duration: About 30 minutes

  • Lawyer Seminar

    Cooperation: Mori Hamada & Matsumoto LPC

    Time: 4:30pm~ 5:20pm~
    Duration: About 40 minutes

  • Kendama Contest

    Time: 4:00pm to 8:30pm
    Open Participation

  • Limited Edition "Junior Challenge Japan" Card


Social Party (5:00pm to 8:30pm)

Socialize with an array of business people and professionals for a free exchange of ideas. Complimentary snacks and drinks provided.

Social instructors will be swapped during each session. Please check the posted schedule on the day of the event.


Grand Finale (8:40pm to 9:00pm)

Everyone is welcome to join this Hip Hop Dance experience.

Other JCJ Programs

JCJ Participation Certificate



  • Members Card
  • Original Goods
  • Special Coupons

Special Raffle


Panel Discussion - Exclusive program for Adult JCJ Guests!

Admission Fee

Jr. High School ¥9,000 Limited to 600 Guests
Adult ¥1,850 Limited to 300 Guests
Senior ¥950
  • Price does not include 8% tax.
  • Jr. High students are allowed to attend this event unaccompanied by an Adult.
  • Jr. High School admission includes a Food Ticket redeemable for a set meal.
  • For KidZania Club Members, please refer to our website.

How to reserve your spot


  • Some programs may be changed or not available on the day due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Reservations will be accepted until the capacity of the event is reached.
  • The Parents Lounge will be unavailable during this event.
  • Reservations can be made up to 11:55pm the day before the event.
  • You may change or cancel your reservation from the website until 11:55 the day before the event. Please go to the Confirm / Change Reservation section of our website.
  • Star Flex Pass or other special tickets may not be used for this event.
  • Guests may be photographed or filmed by the media during this event. Please be aware that such footage may be used in television reports, advertising, promotions, or sales products. We appreciate your cooperation.

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