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2nd Junior Challenge Japan

Date: Saturday March 12th, 2016, 2nd Shift (4:00pm ~ 9:00pm)
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Be inspired by the legacy of the famous historical figure named Sakamoto Ryôma!

2nd Junior Challenge Japan

The global challenges that need to be addressed will be solved by the Jr. High Kids of today who will become the next generation of leaders, thinkers and innovators over the coming 20 to 30 years. Join us at KidZania Tokyo for a special night of events to help you meet the challenges of a global, diverse and socially aware future. Reserve your spot at the 2nd "Junior Challenge Japan" on Saturday March 12th, 2016, a special night only for Jr. High students. Let's make the world a better place for all.

See below for a full report of the 1st Junior Challenge Japan, held on Saturday November 7th, 2015.

Special Programs for Jr. High Students
  • Global Environment Seminar / Lecturer: Prof. Shin-ichi Takemura from Kyoto University of Art & Design

    Digital Globe presentation exploring many characteristics of the environment.

  • Introduction to Japanese Manners

    Basic Japanese social skills, proper greetings, grooming and more.

  • Zen Meditation / Lecturer: Shiryu Kuruba from Daiganji Temple

    Knowledge and good form through meditation.

  • Professional Player Challenge

    The secrets of shogi from the masters Shingo Ito Godan and Shin-ichi Sato Godan.

  • DIY Manufacturing Activity / Company: DIY FACTORY

    The power of making things by hand to suit your life.

  • Communication Skill Development / Company: MS&Consulting

    A team discusses a topic and creates a presentation based around a theme.

  • Entrepreneur Seminar / Company: Willfu

    The basics of entrepreneurship.

  • Lawyer Seminar / Former Judge and Current International Lawyer: Hideki Yashiro

    A legal expert tells what it is like to work as a lawyer.

  • Volunteer / Company: Koto Volunteer Center

    What it is like to help the visually impaired.

  • Drone Operation / Company: Parrot Japan

    Hands-on opportunity to control a drone.

  • Antenna Shops

    Displays and products highlighting culture from other regions of Japan.

Featured Programs

Social Party

An array of business people and professionals gather for a free exchange of ideas.

Grand Finale / Companies: Renaissance and Yukaren

Hip Hop Dance and traditional Japanese Dance (Awa-odori) experience.

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