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Christmas 2018 Exclusive Activity

Dates: Saturday, December 1, 2018 to Tuesday, December 25, 2018
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Enjoy Exclusive Christmas Activities!

Christmas 2018 Exclusive Activity

You can enjoy Exclusive Christmas Activities at 12 Pavilions.

  • City Tour Bus

    As a tour bus guide, introduce things happening in the city.

    City Tour Bus 株式会社はとバス
  • Theater (Wedding Ceremony)

    A candle will be used in a ceremony.

    Theater (Wedding Ceremony) 株式会社リクルートマーケティングパートナーズ
  • Shopping Alley (Art Supply Shop)

    Imprint a Christmas stamp on 1 page of a sketchbook.

    Shopping Alley (Art Supply Shop) 三井不動産株式会社
  • Shopping Alley (Flower Shop)

    Create a Christmas wreath with flower arrangement.

    Shopping Alley (Flower Shop) 三井不動産株式会社
  • Shopping Alley (Stamp Shop)

    Imprint a Christmas stamp on a shopping bag.

    Shopping Alley (Stamp Shop) 三井不動産株式会社
  • Food R&D Center

    Put a Christmas sticker on a container.

    Food R&D Center 株式会社ニチレイフーズ
  • Newspaper Edition (Newspaper Reporter)

    Report about the Christmas events happening in the city.

    Newspaper Edition (Newspaper Reporter)
  • Softcream Shop

    Make Strawberry flavored Softcream (Soft serve ice cream).

    Softcream Shop 日世株式会社
  • Courier Service

    Pick up and deliver Christmas gifts.

    Courier Service ヤマト運輸株式会社
  • City Clock

    The time announcement performance at every half hour will change to a Christmas theme.

    City Clock セイコーホールディングス株式会社
  • Milk House

    The product to develop will be "Cheesecake to eat in Christmas Party".

    Milk House 森永乳業
  • Radio Station

    Broadcast a program about things happening in the city.

    Radio Station 株式会社J-WAVE

※For allergy information of the Milk House & the Softcream Shop, please check here.

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