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When: October 21st (Wednesday) thru October 31st (Saturday) *Oct 28th (1st Shift Only)
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Experience an international style Halloween at KidZania!


Here's your chance to experience KidZania in a very unique way, Kids and Adults are bringing their costumes to join in the fun! We have exclusive Halloween games and activities in English for a limited time only! Plus, a special Halloween edition of our popular Global Otomodachi Night events!


Discounts for Wearing Costumes

Kids who bring their own costumes and wear them at KidZania can do any paid activity for free! Adults who arrive in costume will receive a ¥100 discount coupon, to be used for purchasing one professional photo of themselves and/or their Kids inside KidZania!

Costume Contest

Upload photos of your Kids in costume to your Facebook page for a chance to win tickets to our Global Otomodachi Night event on October 31st (2nd Shift)!


Try fun and challenging Halloween games, plus Halloween arts & crafts, all in English! Even non-English speakers can easily enjoy these activities. You receive a mystery prize if you play all three games!

Location Open Space (City Map 1F - 40)

Time: For details about the time of these games, please see the information panel when you arrive.

  • Pumpkin Pitch
    Test your aim while trying to pitch objects into Jack O Lanterns in a pumpkin patch. Let's see how many you can get in!
  • Spooky Scramble
    Unscramble pieces of a puzzle to create a spooky character image. You have a limited time to complete it so good luck!
  • Ghostly Guess
    Guess the number of mystery items displayed inside containers and see how close you can get to the correct answers!

The following Pavilions will be decorated and include a Halloween activity theme for a limited time only!

  • Barber Shop (Customer)・ Newspaper Edition・ Radio Station・ Securities Company・ Beauty Salon・ City Tour Bus・ Soft Cream Shop ・ Milk House

Experience our Halloween Party on English Wednesday! when over 30 of our job activities will be operating in English. Many foreign Guests like to attend on Wednesdays, so join in our global atmosphere!

Global Otomodachi Night (October 31st) grand finale event!

Click to see details about our special event on Halloween day!

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