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Global Otomodachi Night "Summer Sports Festival"

Wednesday | July 8th 2015 | 5pm to 8pm
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Athletic Challenges, Talent Show, and E@K Activities!

Global Otomodachi Night "Summer Sports Festival"

Global Otomodachi Night events are always an opportunity for Kids in the local and foreign communities to come together for a special night of cultural experiences and lasting memories!

Summer Sports Festival features unique athletic challenges and promotes physical fitness awareness. Adults can also participate in some activities with Kids! Plus, almost all activities will be conducted in English!

Global Otomodachi Night E@K Activities

Over 30 of our most popular career Activities will be conducted in English! Both fluent and non-fluent speakers can enjoy all activities, regardless of the activity language or their language comprehension level! (Not all Pavilions will be open during this event, only our English Pavilions will be operating, with the exception of some operating in Japanese listed below. For the list of English Pavilions operating, please inquire our staff onsite at the event.)

  • The following activities and services will be operating mainly in Japanese. (No matter what language they speak, all Kids are welcome to participate in any activity.)
    Sports Club (Map #34)
    Soccer Stadium(Map #72)
    Climbing Building (Map #90)
    Bank (Map #36)
    Electronic Money Center (Map #37)
Global Otomodachi Night Games

These are exclusive games conducted in English, operating for one day only!

Bache's Basketball Challenge

Learn how people with many different physical challenges such as paralysis or blindness can play sports and have fun! Team up to shoot basketballs into a hoop while using a wheelchair! Pass the ball to your teammate without using your eyes! Adults may also participate! This Activity is conducted in English.

Urbano's Agility Run

Run through hoops, jump over hurdles, and zig zag around cones to collect points! Test your speed & agility against your teammate and against the clock! Adults may also participate! This Activity is conducted in English.

Vita's Golf Challenge

Test your hand-eye coordination while taking aim on the special golf putt course! Adults may also participate! This Activity is conducted in English.

Chika's Sports Quiz Rally

Go on a walking hunt through KidZania to search for special game panels featuring the answers to sports trivia questions given to you at the entrance. Complete the quiz to get a prize!

Exciting English!

Speak on the live microphone being broadcast all over the park! Have a conversation with the English speaking event MC who might approach you unexpectedly! Don't be shy, be ready!

Beebop's Talent Show

Showcase your talents and receive a special prize! Performances of any genre are welcome, such as singing, dancing, juggling, or any other talent. Parents may join their Kids! Performances must be 3 minutes or less. Up to 12 members in 1 group allowed. Sign ups to the talent show depends on availability of open slots, and is a first come first served basis.

To request a performance slot, send email to:

(Please make a reservation for the event before requesting a slot in the Talent Show. Please write "Global Otomodachi Night Talent Show" in the subject of your email and inform us of your KidZania reservation number, plus the names and ages of all Kids participating in the talent show, as well as a sentence describing the type of performance.)

Please be sure to review the following before making a reservation:
Privacy Policy
Special Declaration Based on the Specific Commercial Trading Act
Web Reservation Rules
Terms of Use

Admission Prices do not include tax.

Kids (3 to 15)¥2,000
Adults (16 and over)¥1,000
Senior (60 and over)¥1,000

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